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  • 1. Mobilization through History: ACloser Look at the Bonus Armyand Occupy Movement Kelly KernNathalie Davidson

2. The Bonus Army 3. The Occupy Movement 4. Research Questions Our overall question asks what are the similaritiesand differences between these comparablemovements? Our sub-questions being: how is the veteranidentity used in the Bonus Army and in Occupy?How is the veteran identity portrayed inmovement produced media? How does the media (mostly newspapers) frameveterans specifically within each movement? How are camps used as a form of protest and howdoes the media frame this tactic? 5. Research Methods Textual & Video Analysis Focusing on articles from the 1930s and from the 2010s Focusing on The Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and theWashington Post/Times. To randomize our sample we chose everythird article in all of our searches. For the Bonus Army we will search Bonus Army in SuperSearch,a Wellesley College library resource, (restricting the results tonewspaper articles.) For Occupy we will search Occupy Camps. To research the veteran identity, we will be focusing only on articlesthat include the word veteran in the headline. In researching veteran framing in the Occupy movement, we willalso be looking at the Occupy Marine website and facebook page. 6. Bonus Army Veteran Identity 7. Occupy Veteran Identity 8. Camps in the Bonus Army 9. Occupy Movement Camps 10. Conclusion