nurturing the it committee lead: is marketing helping or hurting?

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Nurturing the IT Committee Is marketing helping or hurting?

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This sneak preview of the latest LinkedIn IT research was presented during our 2014 Tech Roadshow. Learn more about how tech brands should build trust and credibility with IT Committee members on LinkedIn.


  • Nurturing the IT Committee Is marketing helping or hurting?
  • 3 We surveyed over 2,300 IT Committee members globally How do you earn TRUST with the IT Committee? * LOCAL LANGUAGE / LinkedIn Survey and Internal Data: Q2 2014 Germany, N=203 France*, N=202 The Netherlands, N=204 Canada, N=152 US, N=404 UK, N=204 BRAZIL*, N=155 Australia, N=104 India, N=202 Hong Kong, N=155 Singapore, N=104 MIDDLE EAST Saudi Arabia, N=155 UAE, N=154 N. AMERICA EMEA APAC
  • 4 The Growing IT Committee Who are they and how do you engage them? The Power of Education without Bias If youre talking about yourself, youre doing it wrong The Expertise You Dont Know You Have The definition of an expert is broader than you think Nurture, dont Disrupt Gating content too early and too often is counter-productive Overview
  • The Growing IT Committee
  • 6 The IT Committee 10+ million members who influence IT decisions across departments and seniorities Growing 1.25x faster than general member growth
  • 7 IT decision making goes beyond the senior IT department 78% of the IT Committee works outside of IT 30% 61% are individual contributors or managers control part or all of the IT Budget In which department do you work? In which of the following stages of IT decision-making are you currently involved?
  • 8 Theyre hungry for IT news and information on social How frequently do you visit each of the following sources to get IT related news and information? Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Visit Google+Visit Facebook Visit TwitterVisit LinkedIn 41%44% 32%75% 83% use social media for IT News and Information each month
  • 9 % content from each source very or extremely trustworthy They trust content on LinkedIn more than any other source How frequently do you visit each of the following sources to get IT related news and information? How trustworthy do you feel the content you see from each of the below sources is? 50% 48% 34% 33% 24% 20% 15% 9% LinkedIn Online Trade/ Industry Sites Google+ Online News Sites Discussion Forums Blogs Twitter Facebook Visitation High Medium Low
  • The Power of Education without Bias
  • of the IT Committee require education to sustain or make a change to their IT ecosystem 78% 11 How significant is the role education plays in the following types of decisions undertaken by your organization?
  • 12 More likely to consider an IT vendor who educates me through each stage of the decision process 67%Educating throughout the purchase funnel makes generating leads more effective
  • 13 Education with broad-themed, non branded content is preferred 52% 53% 59% Most interested in non-branded / non-sales focused content More favorable toward an IT Vendor who publishes content about my industry and topics of interest More likely to consider an IT vendor who publishes content about my industry and topics of interest
  • Start with content about general industry topics, prioritized for your audience Author or promote expert content on the direction and use of your industrys products Promote branded user reviews and case studies to drive consideration and selection of your company 1 3 2 14 Three types of education
  • The Expertise You Dont Know You Have
  • 16 Influence on tech purchases (by purchase stage and content source) Experts Rule the Day. But, the Definition of Expert has Evolved Thinking of a recent or upcoming company-wide technology purchase, how influential is the SOURCE of the information you consume at each stage of the purchase cycle? 56% 53% 53% 63% 62% 49% 45% 44% 59% 47% 33% 29% 30% 34% 37% Awareness Scope Plan Select Implement Awareness Scope Plan Select Implement Awareness Scope Plan Select Implement EXPERT CONTENT INFLUENCE USER / PEER REVIEW INFLUENCE BRANDED CONTENT INFLUENCE
  • Not necessarily on title or connections Expertise is based on references from others and demonstrated knowledge 6% 10% 11% 14% 22% 37% 52% 55% 72%References from coworkers and other professionals in their field Published author or presenter in their field Has a (on average) 8.5 years of experience Manages a team Has a Master's Degree or higher Is a vice president or more senior Has 500 or more connections on LinkedIn Third Party scores (Klout, Kred, PeerIndex, etc.) Other (Please specify) 17When you think of a technology subject matter expert (SME), what is the first thing that comes to mind? Below you see some additional qualities a subject matter expert may have. Please select all the attributes below that are required to be a technology SME. %WhoBelieveEachStatementDefinesanExpert
  • The IT Committee is positively impacted by the actions of your employees 25% Are more favorable toward a vendor whose employees participate in LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Groups 24% Are more favorable toward a vendor whose employees share content on LinkedIn Employees 23% Are more likely to consider if vendors have experts publishing on LinkedIn Experts
  • 19 Utilize the expertise in your organization to earn trust On the worlds largest professional publishing platform
  • Nurture, dont Disrupt
  • 21 The IT Committee is anxious about gated content 40% 15% fear SPAM or sales calls leave the site completely What is the first thing that comes to mind when you try to download an article or access a product page and are forced to enter your contact information?
  • of the IT Committee provides fake information when they complete a lead capture form 59% 22A Lead Capture for is a technique used by companies to collect contact information, usually when someone downloads a piece of information the company has published or a webinar they have held. Is the information you provide on Lead Capture forms truthful? How many of you have had Mickey Mouse download your content?
  • 61% In market 23 Those in market for IT solutions are more likely to provide fake information At least sometimes provide fake info 41% Not in market
  • 24 IT Committee Members actively looking for an enterprise IT Solution (in-market) Gating content too early or too often decreases consideration How likely are you to consider an IT vendor whose first piece of content you see requires you to provide your contact information? 41% 81% are less likely to consider a vendor who gates the FIRST piece of content are less likely to consider a vendor who gates ALL content
  • 25 Nurturing leads through content is vital because most are not ready to talk to sales When researching a specific major enterprise IT / security solution, how many pieces of content related to that solution do you typically need to consume before you are ready to be contacted by a sales representative? of content before they are ready to talk to a sales rep. 5 pieces The average IT Committee member needs to consume
  • 27 Publish and promote your content in places on LinkedIn where the IT Committee is engaging the most 1LinkedIn Internal Data 4/1/2014 through 4/30/2014 The Feed starts the conversation 2x as active on desktop in the feed than members1 Groups for expert articles & content 2x as active in groups than members1 Ensure content is mobile friendly 25% more active on mobile than members1
  • 28 What does the IT Committee want to hear about from experts? Base: IT Committee n=181, circle size shows relative % ranked BIGGEST impact Which of these topics do you see having the biggest impact for your organization and which you would share with your network? Discussions on how technology is changing the way we work Cloud-based applications Data Management Cloud Storage Network Security First Look at new products or solutions Enterprise Social Networking Industry Event Promotion and Registration % Would Share with Network %RankedTop4Topics 0% 50% 100% 100% 50% ITTopicsandIntenttoShare
  • 29 LinkedIn Product Roadmap: Bringing IT Committee members and you together Targeting Lead capture & Nurturing Personalization Attribution
  • 30 Marketer Implications Earn trust with broad-based content that goes beyond your brands self-interests Incorporate an always on content strategy with a variety of content gated and un- gated Leverage your employees and company specialists as experts Utilize LinkedIns Content Marketing Score to optimize and measure your content Prepare for the future of LinkedIn