Nursery Rhyme Project - Conceptual Art Part 02

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  • Callum East (UP680794)

    Nursery Rhyme Project Conceptual Art Part 02

    Continuing on from previously, I chose to implement more ideas involving humanized

    spiders. I also wanted to use this as an opportunity to further my skills at character design.

    Some initial ideas, including various head and body concepts

    The images shown above were some designs for a male spider. I felt the concept of a

    Spider Queen were quite saturated and desired to twist the gender.

  • Callum East (UP680794)

    Youll notice my use of angular shapes for these characters (before beforehand and further

    on) I felt this would be beneficial when animating as it simplifies but stylizes the figures, and

    I wouldnt have to stress over how precise the characters anatomy would have to be.

    Further development of the male spider design, I began implementing features such as

    tattoos and spider antennae.

    From this point on, I wanted to create a powerful and dominant character, using my

    previous design concepts, I mixed ideas from both Head Design B and Body Shape B and

    began to design more figures as seen above.

    I also chose to focus more on the concept of sexual pleasure after creating these characters,

    a subject that can be quite uncomfortable to discuss to some. I tried to focus attention on

    parts of the male figure that would be considered sexual by adding patterns and other

    signifiers that could draw the viewers attention to; these body parts include, the chest,

    torso, crotch, biceps, and calves.

  • Callum East (UP680794)

    Initial Drafts involving the use of Silhouettes and Patterns.

    Continuing the desire to create something unsettling but simple, I experimented with using

    the idea of silhouettes. This allowed me to create distinct and noticeable forms while adding

    extra character using patterns and colour signifiers.

  • Callum East (UP680794)

    I began drafting random ideas and shapes with different colours (as seen above) but settled

    with the idea of using black to lay down the form, and other colours to add character. The

    image of the male character above was inspired by the colouring theme of the Black Widow

    Spider. Simple, but noticeable.

    An image of a Black Widow Spider.

    Two more head concepts, this time comparing the smooth line and curly looking form, to a

    more rigid sharp looking design.

    With the idea of using silhouettes in place, I continued to experiment with other design

    aspects, and began refining details for my project, further example images are below.

  • Callum East (UP680794)

  • Callum East (UP680794)

  • Callum East (UP680794)

  • Callum East (UP680794)