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Callum East (UP680794)

Nursery Rhyme Project StoryboardsMy chosen nursery rhyme for this project is Itsy Bitsy Spider. After gathering my concepts together, I created my first storyboard, which can be seen below.

After referring to this storyboard upon completion, I noticed that despite it conveys my desired message (Abnormality and uncomforting) It also isnt very clear.

The storyboard itself requires more images to convey what is occurring within the scene, along with this, a few words to describe these images would be beneficial for both myself and others to understand. After completing the storyboard I also noticed some missing elements I wanted to include, such as text directly from the rhyme itself that coincided with the actions shown in the pictures.

After I finished reflecting upon my first attempt, I went on and created my second storyboard. I decided that in order to convey the actions shown to a much better effect, I would draw this storyboard digitally, which allowed me to create more refined shapes and use bright, clear colour.Below is my 2nd storyboard.

My second storyboard has a lot more depth compared to the first, I also managed to include more elements this time round, such as lines from the rhyme itself. Ive also made this storyboard into an animatic (without sound) to better illustrate the timing of each scene, which can be seen below.---FOR PHYSICAL SUBMISSION, PLEASE READ BELOW.

To view the results of this experiment, Please locate the following video files in the folder: Videos

- Animatic Storyboard 02