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Nuns Build!

Nuns Build!October 5-9, 2009New Orleans

1Before Katrina in St. Bernard Parish Population of 67,000 27,000 homes 4% Unemployment rate Home ownership rate was greater than 70% Median family income was merely $36,000 Senior citizens comprised 50% of thepopulation Residents worked as fishermen, in the trades,and at oil refineriesSt. Bernard Project2After Katrina 100% of the homes in St. Bernard Parish wererendered uninhabitable St. Bernard had standing water of 4 to 20 feetfor up to four weeks Homes, clothes, furniture, pictures, keepsakes,cars and tools were destroyed Only one-third of residents have returnedhome, with the vast majority still living inFEMA trailers or attics that were above thewaterlineSt. Bernard Project318 Congregations75-80 Sisters 58 Dominicans10-12 Friends and Family13 Airport Drivers and Greeters10 Housing SitesNuns Build4Nuns Build. We build hope, we build love, we build peace, we build community. Let us pray for one another knowing that we are sent by Jesus to continue to build a just, peaceful and truthful world. Sr. Mary Keefe

Nuns Build


On our waySo we arrived and we are on our way.6

We saw beautiful homes. We found Dominics Bar on Bourbon St. We found the place where the place of the Holy Family Sisters had their first novitiate.7

We were in Jackson Square and of course we had our beignets.8

1936 Benjamin Street




This is our lunch time out on the curb and we were fed by the Episcopalian Trinity Church. Looking across from the house, there is no house. Theres only a garage. On either side of them there is no house. S. Pat Ann is speaking to Mr. Eumont, who is Judy Archers dad. And her mom and dad took us out to dinner. It was very nice.12





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