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2. A SOUND, ESPECIALLYONE THAT IS LOUD ORUNPLEASANT OR THATCAUSES DISTURBANCE ISCALLED A NOISE. 3. What is Noise Pollution? Noise pollution is excessive,displeasing human, animal, ormachine-created environmentalnoise that disrupts the activity orbalance of human or animal life. The word noise may be from theLatin word nauseas, which meansdisgust or discomfort. 4. IT IS A TYPE OFENERGY POLLUTION INWHICH DISTRACTING,IRRITATING, ORDAMAGING SOUNDS AREFREELY AUDIBLE. 5. As with other formsof energy pollution (such as heat andlight pollution), noise pollutioncontaminants are not physicalparticles, but rather waves thatinterfere with naturally-occurringwaves of a similar type in the sameenvironment. 6. MEASURINGSOUND 7. Sound is measured by the unitdecibels (dB).Eg:Silence 0 dBNormal Conversation 30 dB Radio; Telephone ring; busytraffic; orchestra; loud TV 70 dbShouting in ones ear 114 dbVolcanic Eruption 272 db 8. Noise may permanently damage hearing. Asudden loud noise can cause severe damageto the eardrum.Noise increases the chances of occurrenceof diseases such as headache, bloodpressure, heart failure, etc.Noise leads to increased heartbeat, constriction of blood vessels anddilation of pupil.Noise is a problem especially for patientswho need rest.Noise may cause damage to liver, brain 9. Noise can have a detrimental effect onanimals, increasing the risk of death bychanging the delicate balance in predatoror prey detection and avoidance, andinterfering the use of the sounds incommunication especially in relation toreproduction and in navigation.Acoustic overexposure can lead totemporary or permanent loss of hearing. 10. An impact of noise on animal life isthe reduction of usable habitat that noisyareas may cause, which in the case ofendangered species may be part of thepath to extinction.Noise pollution has caused the death ofcertain species of whalesThat beached themselves after beingexposed to the loud sound ofmilitary sonar. 11. Noise pollution hasmany effects on plants:It affects their growthand some may even diedue to very loud noise.It affects the 12. Community development or urbanmanagement should be done with long-termplanning, along with an aim to reduce noisepollution.Social awareness programs should be takenup to educate the public about the causes andeffects of noise pollution. Minimization of domestic noise coming fromradio , tape recorders , television sets , mixers, washing machine , etc. by their selective andjudicious use. 13. the usage of loudspeakers in thehabitant zones should not bepermitted. noise pollution can be reduced tocertain limit by fixation of silencers inautomobiles. reduction of excess noise levels byoptimum selection of machinery toolsor equipment.