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  • Nicole Dolan

  • Hi, Im Nicole. Welcome to my portfolio.

    I have been using my Product and Industrial background to better understand people, and applying it into the UI and UX fields.

    I love being able to research into someones life, find areas for improvement and design accordingly.

    I believe that good design should honor the end user.

    I believe that the solution should never be bigger than the problem.

    London Design Week 2013

  • Employment:

    UI/UX and Graphic Designer.McHenry Distillery.Jan-Apr 2016 Tasmania, AURe-designing the website and creating new bottle labels for McHenrys finest Whisky and Gin.

    UI/UX and UC Designer.Elderberry.Nov 2015- Current Melbourne, AUWorking to design a new onlineservice that will pair participants with inter-generational mentors with experience in a range of sectors.

    UI/UX and Graphic Designer.Teaching Me.Nov 2015- Feb 2016 Melbourne, AUDesigning the service for a new tutoring and skill sharing service.

    User Centered Designer.Tank.Dec 2015 Melbourne, AUCreating and collating a bespoke set of user research tools.

    UI/UX Designer. Local Agent Finder.Nov 2015 Melbourne, AURe-designing the service for the leading Estate Agent service.

    Experience & Digital Designer.Isobar. Jun-Aug 2015 Melbourne, AUWorking on various digital oriented campaigns for Australia Post, Sensis, Save the Children among others.

    UCD & Graphic Designer.Huddle. Apr-May 2015 Melbourne, AUIn-house designer working on print and digital.

    Graphic Designer.Peaceful Lion. Nov 2014-Jan 2015 London, U.K.I adapted the work of Quentin Blake into a booklet. I created puzzles for children, paid adverts and other content and formatting.

    Design Researcher. Sugru. Jul-Oct 2014 London, U.K.I was asked to research Sugrus user group and see why it tended to be more male.

    Product Designer.Matopy. Sep 2013-Jun 2014 London, U.K.I was chosen by the Royal College of Art to work with a new start up. I conducted user research with the user group of a new app.

    Product Designer.The Helen Hamlyn Centre of Design & Royal College of Art. May-Sep 2013 London, U.K.I was working in partnership with BT and Scope on a product that formed part of the Enabling Technology section of the Life Examined show at the Royal College of Art.

    Product Design Intern.Alex Hammond Design. Sep 2012-Apr 2013 London, U.K.I received further trained in CAD packages and worked on a variety of packaging based projects.

    Graphic Design Intern.Stuart Wood Music. Jun-Aug 2012 London, U.K.I was working with a composer creating designs and promoting and managing events.

    Graphics & Product Intern.Happy Kitchen. Sep-Oct 2011 London, U.K.I was helping with graphics jobs and building furniture for the restaurant.

    Product Design Intern.Cosmos Europe. Aug-Sep 2011 Nottingham, U.K.In Nottingham I designed glasses, for clients includingPretty Green- Liam Gallaghers clothing range.

    Packaging Intern.Tulip Foods PLC. Jun-Aug 2010 London, U.K.I saw first hand the packaging cycle, from screen to product. A designs made it into production.

  • Awards:

    Dyson Design AwardAwarded by Dyson.Second Place and notable mention in the Digital Design section. For my design Giraffe Reader.2015 London, U.K

    Best Toy AwardAwarded by Hasbro and Ravensbourne University.For my design Zomb Bomb. 2012 London, U.K.

    Most Innovative Product AwardAwarded by Bexleyheath School Sixth Form.2009 London, U.K.


    Life Examined by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design Royal College of Art/ The Icon Design Trail/ London Design Festival. 2013

    Travel Photography Exhibition Greenwich Studios. 2014

    New Designers London Design Week. 2012

    Degree show Ravensbourne University. 2012


    Other Employment:

    Emirates Air Line Cable Car& Transport For LondonAug 2012- Mar 2015 London, U.K.Voice Over Artist.

    Carluccios Italian RestaurantSep 2009-Sep 2011 London, U.K.Waitress/ Barista

    Ego Sound Record StoreMay-Sep 2008 Bologna, ITRetail Assistant/ Music Advisor.


    BA Honors Product Design. Ravensbourne University of Design and Communication. Sep 2009-May 2012 Grade: 2:1 / GPA: 3.67The degree ran many live projects with established companies, like a packaging project with Marks and Spencers. We regularly collaborated with other design courses, especially film and graphics. Dissertation title: Does the world need another chair? An exploration into the way we consume and the role I play asa designer.

    Coding Course.Code Cademy.Dec 2014 Online course to build the AirBnb website.

    A-Levels. Bexleyheath Sixth Form. 2007-2009High Pass in Product Design, Art and Design, Photography and Business.

    GCSEs. Bexleyheath Secondary School.2005-20078 High passes. Subjects including Math, English, Science, Art and Design, Product Design, I.T. and Graphic Design.

    Solidworks / CADSince 2009. Skill level: HighAdobe InDesign Since 2009. Skill level: HighAdobe Illustrator Since 2009. Skill level: HighAdobe PhotoshopSince 2010. Skill level: HighArduino & ProcessingSince 2011. Skill level: MidVideo EditingSince 2012. Skill level: HighProduct SketchingSince 2002. Skill level: High

    Model makingSince 2001. Skill level: High



    Customers data used in-store for better customer service.

  • The Good Guys wished to improve their in-store engagement and update their brand for a younger audience.

    By linking up both the users online profile with them physiclally being in store, the sales staff could understand what the user has been considering buying, what they had purchased and other bits of key information. By having this knowledge at their fingertips, they could ask the right kind of questions to the customers and delivered a more personable shopping experience.

    In creating the easy to use application for the staff iPads, I focused on three main areas:1. The Customer. Profiling based on how much they purchase.

    2. Past Purchases. 3. Future Purchases andConsiderations.

    The project was very well received by The Good Guys, and this is now part of a much wider service re-design.



    Highlighting the three main areas



    Choose a face you like.


    HelloOf all the gin joints, in all of the towns,

    in all the world, you walked into mine.

    Lets begin


    A new kind of dating app.

  • YOHK is a new kind of dating app not based on looks, but rather blind matching couples based on interests and hobbies.

    I designed this app after hearing stories of people being harassed or just generally feeling out of place on services like Tinder.

    The user started by inputting their own information.

    To get a date, the user would:

    1. Have to pick one place, event or interest, out of four, that they would like best in a partner. They have to do this two times.

    2. They are then met with four photos, one of which is the person they just liked in the last stage.

    3. If they match the interests with the face, they get a date. If not, they start over again.







    Lets grab a coffee sometime

    I had a great time on our date,...

    Have you ever been to Italy? I...

    I love to take photos too!

    Youre a Jazz fan huh?

    You seem really cool, lets meet...Once the user picks the right face for the interests, they can either message each other, or organise a date (location, time & date) through the app itself. The user gets to choose to keep their phone number private.

    The app is currently in testing.



  • Sarah . 25

    Melbourne . Barista

    Interested in Men

    Pick one youd like

    your partner to like.






    Go Go

    Add Photo



    Interested in...

    DOB Job Gender

    art museum

    beer garden

    park picnic

    see a gig

    Favourite activity on your free days.

    Match me!


    A DATE



    R E A D I N G T H E W E B T O YO U

    The Chorus app: A Digital Start up.

  • Chorus can intelligently live read the web. Making written text accessible to anyone, anywhere.

    I was part of a team, of mainly engineers, who were building, testing and delivering a new app.

    The app, read the web aloud. Meaning any bit of text, on any site, could be spoken right into the users ear. It works on either android or iphone.

    Once the app was open, the user selects a website via the inbuilt search engine. They find a body of text theyd like to have read to them, double tap the text and the app would start to read.

    I was in charge of the design research and the apps design and functionality.

    I targeted not only visually impaired users, but busy commuters, cyclists, people learning a new language and those with Dyslexia.

    The app was very well received in testing and has been launched in the Google Play store, for Android only.











    User Flow

  • R E A D I N G T H E W E B T O YO U


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