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2. muir woods 3. SkyscrapersMilleniain the making.Lets put this another way: these things havebeen around since thetime of Christ. That meanstheyre older than a lot ofcountries. Buildings fromthe same time period arentso common.Part of this is becausethese trees are ratherparticular about where theyhang out. They only grow ona strip of land that stretchesfrom California to Oregon.Take a coastal environment,add mountainous altitudes,and youve got the perfect recipe for larger-than-lifecoastal redwoods.No Short OrderThe largest living organism on the planetis a coastal redwood thats over 379 feet tall. Toput that inperspective, itsthe height of54 basketballplayersstanding onone anothersheads.But thesetrees dont justgrow up. Theyalso grow out.And if youveever triedcounting therings on a stump, weve got another one for you totry your hands at. Weve set up a cross-section ofa tree that was born over a millenium ago. If youwant to see how many rings you can count beforegiving up, weve pointed out key parts like the Battleof Hastings and the signing of theMagna Carta. Tree-huggerslove oneslike this becauseit means they haveto invite all theirfriends over togive the tree all thelove it deserves. Buteven if youre not atree-hugger, youllprobably temporarilyconvert, just to seehow many people ittakes to circle some ofthe bigger specimens.Across the bayMuir Woods offers theperfect chance to do justthat. There are also plenty ofopportunities for volunteering, if youre so inclined.Regardless of how you choose to spend your timehere, youll find a numberof options to keep youbusy. Were open aroundthe year, from 8am tosunset. And were onlyabout twelve miles fromthose skyscrapers on theother side of the bay.We dont know how longit takes for a leaf to fallfrom the top of a tree, butwe think thats because noone wants to wait longenough to find out.Cross-sections like this let botanistslearn about a trees past, which alsotells them about how the local climatehas undergone change.Unlike redwoods, theTransamerica Pyramidprobably isnt going tolook as good as it does nowafter two millenia.Find out more, call (415) 388-2596 or www.nps.gov/muwo 4. Theyve been waitingfor centuries.Youve put off visiting long enough.Fortunately, trees are someof those things that get betterwith age. Yes, its true that itmeans that the trees grow taller,but theres more to it than that.As time passes and Muir Woodsbecomes more historic, more getsadded that makes each visit a tadmore interesting.Trading HandsEven though its reallyeasy to get there now, MuirWoods wasnt always that way.Fortunately, its inaccessabilityhelped to protect the land fromthose who wanted to develop it during the 19th century.As you probably know, tree trunks get bigger as the trees get older. Its notquite the same thing as a beer belly, but you can think of it as one if itBut that didntmakes you feel better.stop people fromvisiting for long. TheMt. Tamalpais andMuir Woods Railwaywas called theCrookedest Railroadin the World, andwas popular inthe early 1900s.Then congressmanWilliam Kent camealong and boughtthe land in 1905.He wanted toexpose people tothe wonders of the wildernessand combine the best parts oftourism and nature.So when a privatecompany threatened to takeover a portion of the land,he did what any reasonableperson would do: give nearly300 acres to the government.Not long afterward, PresidentRoosevelt declared the areaa National Monument.Dedicated in 1908 and namedafter famous preservationalist JohnMuir, it became the countrys tenthNational Park.Get InvolvedTo this day, people continueThe San Francisco Bay Areais one of the last places wherecoastal redwoods still live.to visit Muir Woods and enjoy itscombination of history and beauty.Whether you prefer beauty over history or vice versa, thereare plenty of opportunities for you to preserve both. We workwith organizations like the Golden GateNational Parks Conservancy that arededicated to community service in localparks. Volunteers are always welcome tocome to the park to contribute their timeand work.Its not uncommon for these trees to bebetween 200 and 300 feet tall. Thats alot of shade.Find out more, call (415) 388-2596 or www.nps.gov/muwo 5. Every national park owesits existence to john muir.Only onewas named after him.Hes been calledThe Father of ourNational Parks,Wildnerness Prophet,and Citizen of theUniverse. Good thingMuir Woods is namedafter John Muirs realname, not his nicknames.Gone HikingWhen he was 29Muir spent most of his time walking through the Californian andAlaskan Wildernesses. But he also made time to lobby for the creation ofNational Parks and draw attention to the importance of conservation.years old John Muirwalked from Indianato Florida, nearly 1000miles. From Florida, he moved on to New York and bookedpassage to California. There was no question in his mind aboutwhat to do with his time there.He immediately visitedYosemite, fell in love with the area,and began taking action to aidits preservation. His work finallypaid off in in 1890 when Congresspassed the bill that created YosemiteNational Park.In addition to spending a lotof time walking and exploring, healso dabbled in writing. Most of hisbooks revolved around his adventureswhile wandering the Californian andAlaskan wildernesses.Muir also founded the SierraClub with this goal in mind. Itstarted in May 1892 with 182 members. Now it has 1.3 million.Think of him as a precursor to the green movement we know andlove today.Kents WoodsYou might be asking what all of this has to do with MuirWoods. Obviously, the park is named after Muir, but that wasntthe original plan. When President Roosevelt was planning todedicate the park, he wanted to name it after William Kent, whohad donated the land. Kent said no, insisting that it be namedafter the man who made national parks possible.After learning that the park would benamed after him, Muir wrote in a letter,This is the best tree-lovers monument thatcould possibly be found in all the forests ofthe world.And if its good enough for John Muir,it should be good enough for you.Created in 1951, the NPSArrowhead represents the threeelements of National Parks: wildlife,recreation, and history.Muirs Our NationalParks brought him to theattention of PresidentTheodore Roosevelt.Find out more, call (415) 388-2596 or visit www.nps.gov/muwo 6. 2,000YearsAnd StillGrowing.THEBAYAREASORIGINALSKYSCRAPERS. 7. Time for a change of scenery.Time for a change of scenery.Time for achange of scenery. 8. Concrete JungleTo Redwood Forest.12 Miles.Take a hike. 9. Coastal Redwood Cross-SectionThis replica of a coastal redwood cross-section will be placed outsidethe Ferry Building, a popular San Francisco destination for both touristsand business people. The life-size installation will stand 15 feet tall. A signnext to it will say Muir Woods. Its a big deal. 10. jelly belly 11. I ate like thirtywatermelons.50 irresistible flavors 12. I cant get up until Ivehad my cappuccino.50 unique flavors 13. Mom, I wantcantaloupe for dessert.50 unexpected flavors 14. I could go for somestrawberry daiquiri.50 delectable flavors 15. Just a fewpia coladas beforebedtime.50 tantalizing flavors 16. Nothing beatsa handful ofblueberries.50 lovable flavors 17. merrell 18. When youre hiking 80 miles,only 10 inches really matter.At Merrell, were committed to ensuring that the distance from your foot to heel are comfortable, no matter thecircumstances. So when we make boots, were not content with the stuff thats built to take you from your parkingspace to the office. We look for material thatll hold up in the face of countless expeditions. Cause when you findyourself in the middle of the wilderness, your footwear is something you shouldnt be worrying about. 19. When youre climbinga 4700 footwall ofsheer rock,11 inches make all the difference.At Merrell, we know that you have to take footwear seriously in the great outdoors. So we do, too. And after weveput our products to the test, we find even greater challenges to measure their mettle. That way, no matter whereyour adventures take you, you dont have to worry about being held back. Just like you, our shoes will be sure torise to the occasion (no pun intended). 20. A 12,000 footelevation isno matchfor a 12 inch foundation.Nature throws whatever it can in our way to keep us from conquering it. At Merrell, we view this not as anobstacle, but as a challenge. Our products are designed to make every expedition into the wild outdoors fun, evenif they arent easy. Thats why we only make the best stuff available. So whether you just need better ankle supportor the whole waterproof getup, weve got you covered.