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<ul><li><p>New Job Openings </p><p>Mar 2014</p></li><li><p>1Position: Area AdministratorEmployer: Hitech Networks (Pvt.) Ltd. Submit CV: Teachers (Female)Employer: Dar-e-Arqam SchoolsSubmit CV: darearqam.ahc@gmail.com3Position: Admin Manager, Regional Manager &amp; HR ExecutiveEmployer: Reliant SolutionsSubmit CV: reliant.solutions123@gmail.com4Position: Marketing Manager, Procurement Manager, HR ManagerEmployer:Submit CV:</p></li><li><p>5Position: Marketing Manager, Ticket Reservations ManagerEmployer: Asian Tour ServicesSubmit CV: info@asiantourservices.com6Position: Program Officer, PRO, Assistant Program OfficerEmployer: Asian Development OrganizationSubmit CV: asiandevorg@gmail.com7Position: Manager Marketing, Sr. Manager Product Development, Officer Designing, Officer MISEmployer: Interloop LimitedSubmit CV: TeachersEmployer: CAA Model School &amp; CollegeSubmit CV:</p></li><li><p>9Position: Manager Admin, Manager Public RelationsEmployer: Eden Builders (Pvt.) Ltd.Submit CV: careers@eden.pk10Position: Product Development Manager, Fundraising Officer, Medical OfficerEmployer: Shaukat Khanam Memorial Center HospitalSubmit CV: Vice Principal, Montessori TeachersEmployer: Exploreville SchoolSubmit CV: Assistant Manager, Sales ExecutivesEmployer: Toyota IslamabadSubmit CV:</p></li><li><p>13Position: Trainee OfficersEmployer: Bank AlfalahSubmit CV: http://careers.bankalfalah.com14Position: Graphic Designers, Animation SpecialistEmployer:Submit CV: designworld46@yahoo.com15Position: TSRs, TeachersEmployer:Submit CV: hr@yourcloudcampus.com16Position: Executive SecretaryEmployer:Submit CV:</p></li><li><p>17Position: Report WriterEmployer:Submit CV: heavenpk@yahoo.com18Position: Business Development Manager, Software Engineers, Proofreaders Employer: White Hawk Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.Submit CV: info@whitehawktechnologies.net19Position: Procurement HeadEmployer:Submit CV: udagrand@gmail.com20Position: Product Manager, Sales ManagersEmployer: Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Submit CV:</p></li><li><p>DiscussionQ: Is Pakistani economy growing?A: Yes. Job openings published in newspapers clearly show psychological confidence of investors and businesspersons. Q: How to choose a best employer?A: One can study Best Pakistani Company at SlideShare.Q: Are these job openings related with the current week of March 2014?A: Yes, however, more jobs can be found in newspapers. Key CreditsSajid Imtiaz, Member Pakistan Society of CriminologyAgency: Vibrant CommunicationFeedback:</p></li></ul>