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How to organize in a depression - much more for less


  • 1. An organization for tough times
    • The real network
  • Open Source in the Flesh

2. Problem? Many Networks look like this They are controlled by the centre Tension is now high - The Big Guy in the centre has to get a return on their costs The folks out on the periphery want more flexibility in both content and costs The folks on the edge usually only talk to complain As times get tougher - the love gets less and the angst gets more CBS/NPR AP Station 3. Problem? The problem is the power issues relating to design The Centre mediates all The flows tend to be from the centre out CBS/NPR AP Station 4. A Real Network Here is a real example of another way The PEI Bio Alliance is a tiny (3 person) unit whose job it is to serve the larger PEI Bio Alliance This is a cluster of research, private companies, and government that is developing a bio science cluster on PEI Our first attempt at this failed as we put at the centreone of the principals When we a unit at the centre whose only role was to serve the whole it took off The story of good idea, failure and success ishere 5. If we become a real network.. What would this be like? How would we get there? What would be the impact?Why do group-forming networks add such value? 6. What? Development Phase We fund/find a Host to help us learn how To operate a pool/exchange of content To attract new partners To get the funding to grow the network The new work in the centre is Hosting is Facilitating is Serving Facilitator 7. What?

  • Partners ?
  • The old system Centre
  • Media of all types
  • Social Media Education?
  • Libraries
  • Other Media Organizations
  • United Way and NGOs
  • Museums
  • Funders/Foundations
  • Host/Facilitator ?
  • Not the old centre
  • 1-2 people
  • Connects, builds the Pool
  • Governance?
  • Key Members of Pool
  • Sets the DNA of Membership

Implementation Phase The full time host expands the network - new members/partners - join board of the Pool - model very close to that of Visa International or how Open Source software is created. Pool Facilitator SM Edu 8. What? Group forming is the most powerful process that we can use now Nothing else creates the ROI that Group Forming can do As the scale of interaction grows more global via the Internet, isn't it possible that a combination of social capital and GFN capital will drive prosperity to those who recognize the value of network structures that support free and responsible association for common purposes? David Reed - Sneaky Exponential 9. Impact for the Community?

  • The Work
  • Inform - Context
  • Connect - Form Groups
  • So that the community can Act/Do
  • The Result
  • The network expands beyond media
  • Includes an ever wider pool
  • Community capacity is created

Pool Facilitator SM Edu 10. Impact for Media Pool Facilitator SM Edu 11. Impact for All As social capital builds - so the community improves on all aspects Robert Putnam 12. Sustainable System We will have a self-sustaining system