network centrality in sub-national areas of interest using gdelt data


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USMA Cadet leverages GDELT Global Knowledge Graph (GKG) to quantify global human society beyond cataloging physical occurrences and network structure of the global news.


  • The Power of Partnership from Vision to Reality NETWORK CENTRALITY IN SUB-NATIONAL AREAS OF INTEREST USING GDELT DATA 11 July 2014 CDT Caitlin Rowe
  • Introduction Caitlin Rowe Senior at United States Military Academy Studying Systems Engineering Senior Project/Capstone with Data- Tactics for AY15 ! ! Goals for 3 week summer internship Make connections for help during academic year Learn how to use Shiny Explore GKG data for Dhaka, Bangladesh Explore the utility of subnational analysis 2
  • Agenda Data Analytics in the Military Familiarization with GKG Network Centrality Analysis for Military Application GDELT Analysis Service Shiny and Gephi Results Communicating Conclusions to Military Leadership Future Areas for Improvement 3
  • Data Analytics in a Military Context Technological advances Vast amounts of data Sensors Social Media Sites HUMINT ! Used to increase Efficiency Accuracy 4
  • Data Analytics in a Military Context 5 Simply put, big data is now a fixture on the battlefield and across the global security landscape. -Forbes
  • My Research Guidance from project advisor GDELT Global Knowledge Graph Dhaka, Bangladesh 6 Purpose for Research Assess GKG at subnational level Determine influential individuals and organizations !
  • Familiarization with Dataset Global Knowledge Graph Date, Event, People, Location, Tone, and Article(url) 7 Collected from web, print, and broadcast news sources
  • Network Centrality for Military Application 8 Identify leadership and key players in given area Friendly and Enemy Which centrality measure is the most important in a military operation? Degree Closeness Betweenness
  • GDELT Analysis Service 9 Analysis Service Email containing analysis ex.filtered data, graph, map Email address Date range Key words
  • GDELT Analysis Service GKG Network Heat map Exporter Geographic Network Word Cloud 10
  • GDELT Analysis Service- GKG Network 11
  • Important Nodes 12
  • Shiny 13 Filter using R and create a network (igraph) All GKG raw data (downloaded) Create Shiny App that displays network, nodes, and centrality measures
  • Current Static Network 14
  • Gephi 15 Filter using R and create a network (igraph) All GKG raw data (downloaded) Export network as .graphml file Open network in Gephi and explore using built in tools
  • Gephi Network Example 16
  • Gephi Network Example 17
  • Conclusions Efficiency The GKG Analysis Tools, Gephi, and Shiny all produce network visualizations that display network centrality. These results can aid military leaders decisions of who to target or exploit based on specific mission information. Accuracy All of the network information is gathered from news sources, so connections between individuals that are clandestine or informal might not be included. 18
  • Future Areas of Improvement Shiny App Change city, date range Separate by community Gephi More seamless transition from R Overall Remove newspaper editors 19