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NEIU NASA ~STEM Program. WELCOME TO THE NEIU. INTRODUCTIONS LOGISTICS. Expectations. 1) Attentive and Prepared - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




  • 1) Attentive and PreparedThrough this program, we are working to blend challenging learning with fun activities. To this end, it is important that all are attentive and prepared throughout the NEIU NASA Endeavour Program. Expectations

  • 2) Teacher SupervisionStudents must be accompanied by teachers at all times. If a student wishes to be excused for a snack, beverage, or restroom break, they must seek the permission of their teacher before leaving the large group. If student teams wish to use the computer lab facility, they must be accompanied by their teacher. Expectations

  • 3) Performance ExpectationsIt will remain the primary responsibility of the teacher to facilitate learning activities with the school team. Each teacher will work closely with their student teams. Please establish consistent performance expectations for your school team. Make sure that our standards remain high!Expectations

  • 4) Models of Learning ProceduresThe NEIU ~ NASA Endeavour Program is meant to be an positive learning experience for all and therefore we ask that you model learning procedures that will support the team to be successful as they work through this learning process. Expectations

  • 5) Exemplary WorkIf you notice exemplary work by a student or a teacher throughout the Endeavour Program, please let us know! We will highlight positive performance throughout the year. Expectations

  • 6) NEIU NASA STEM Program SuccessThe success of our program depends upon the success of our students and teachers. We will maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout this program!Expectations

  • Your Team!Throughout this school year, you will work as a team to explore scientific phenomenonNASA Missions that explore the universeDesign a outreach product to educate others about NASA and the work that they do to advance our understanding of the universe!

  • Getting Ready!NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Aerospace Education Specialist

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