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Naturally Phase II Marketing Research: Blake Bowen Erin Scott Lindy Johnson Jesse Walsh Heather Willis. Outline. The Hair Care Industry & Competition SWOT Analysis Objectives of Market Research Research Plan & Methods Qualitative Results & Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Hair Care Market

Naturally Curly.comPhase II Marketing Research:Blake BowenErin ScottLindy JohnsonJesse WalshHeather Willis

11OutlineThe Hair Care Industry & CompetitionSWOT AnalysisObjectives of Market ResearchResearch Plan & MethodsQualitative Results & AnalysisQuantitative Results & AnalysisSuggestions & RecommendationsConclusion


Hair Care Industry80,000 hair care salons75,000 beauty salons, 5,000 barber shopsCombined annual sales of $16 billionA large salon has annual revenue of about $300,000 and 10 employees *


Hair Care IndustryThe industry is highly labor-intensive, average annual revenue per employee is $35,000Hair care products make up 5-40% of sales revenue. Gross margins are higher for hair care products than for servicesBusiness and Company Resource Center4

Competitionwww.behindthechair.comtarget market is all hair typesoffer products, forums, and pictures, salon locationswww.curl.biztarget market is multi-ethnic womenoffer curls products, pictures, forums, and salon locations5StrengthsOnly Website Dedicated to Curly'sSpecific Demographic Easier to Target UsersDedicated Employees Want to See GrowthEngaged, Loyal Community6,000 Users per day Blog PostsPurchase Products

6WeaknessesWebsite is Busy, Hard to NavigateDifficult for users to understand company lingo and abbreviations if not highly engagedSpecific Demographic - limited growth

7OpportunitiesGoogle: Curly HairIncrease advertisingEmbrace curls empowermentPromotion on TV, magazinesInternet still growingExpand the brand-Website for stylist community-Other countries8ThreatsPotential for other online curly communities to be & CompetitionIs there a need for curly stylist website?Inconvenience of Online Shopping

9Objectives of StudyGain more understanding about decision makers within the salons with regards to ad spendingUnderstand what tools stylist use to educate themselves on the world of curlsUncover additional tools they might want and how they would prefer to access themTo see if there is a market for an online stylist community like naturally curly10

What is an Online Stylist Community?A online community is a place where ideas are exchanged and relationships are built between usersExamples:Naturally CurlyDo It YourselfTotal BeautyBeauty Blog NetworkAn online stylist community is geared specifically for the use of hair stylists

11Potential BenefitsUntapped Niche MarketEntrepreneurship VentureNew ProfitNew Users

12Research DesignBegin with Qualitative Research Use Findings to build Quantitative SurveyAfter Qualitative Survey Quantitative Online Survey 13Qualitative Research1st Step: Qualitative ResearchInterview stylist at 5 local upscale salons in BirminghamBlue VelvetHair ReflectionsSalon 2412Hair GroupSanctuaryFeedback to be implemented into Quantitative researchAttempt to gather further/ fresh insight

1414Qualitative Research Conducted informational interviews with stylists with in the Birmingham communityWanted to gain insightful information about the stylist community, their perspective on curly hair, as well as their advertising and marketing tendenciesWe also wanted to gather more information in order to produce a more thorough survey for the quantitative data collection.15Qualitative InterviewsPrepared a list of questions for each of us to follow to be able to compare and analyze the dataWent to 3 salons in BirminghamSanctuaryHair GroupSalon 241216Interview Responses(Key information that we learned)People who cut curly hair, tend to have curly hair themselves, because they understand how it moves and worksAn apprenticeship with a well known salon or hairstylist tends to be better than simply going to cosmetology because of the hands on experience

17Interview Responses ContWhere stylists gain informationClassesSeminarsSalon TrainingTrade Shows (this is the last venue of interest due to lack hands on training)18Interview ResponsesInterested in gaining more cutting education that included curly hair, but not just pertaining to curly hairInterested in an online stylists community, but not necessarily one specific to curly hairKey Aspects:Blogging area Q&A from a known hairstylists Calendar for upcoming classes and seminars (even by region)19Interview Responses(Advertising and Promotion)All major decisions made by owner or business managerSalons Promote in:Own websitesMagazines (Bham Daily, Bham Mag, Black and White)Direct Marketing through Direct Mail (from own email database and new residents in the local area)Word of mouthSamford University

20What We GainedWe were able to gauge initial responses to the new concepts we were testingWe were able to format a new survey including the ordering in which the questions would be asked21QuantitativeResearchBefore launching we conducted several pretestsCreated an gmail account to send out the surveys: StylistSurvey@gmail.comNaturally Curly offered an incentive: Stylist Q & A worth $750Send emails to Naturally Curly Email Database for Salons: 400-500 Salons in Database on November 7th We built the online survey & analyzed the results with SPSS- Statistical Software

22Non-Response ErrorWe experienced a very low response rate : 9.7%

Also almost of the emails were returned due to invalid email addresses

Due to non-response error we need to find other means of collecting data

23Collecting Additional DataWe contacted stylists from each of our hometowns to send out the survey to their colleaguesOrlando, FLHendersonville, TNAtlanta, GAFace-to-Face InterviewsLooked up stylists email addresses online using online stylist directories

24Face-to-Face InterviewsStylist will not talk while cutting hairSalons we visited:In Vestavia: NVogue, Hairspray, Headstart, and Hair ImpressionsIn Homewood: Belk Salon at Brookwood Mall, SalonU, Affects Salon, Salon on Cresent, and Super CutsIn Hoover: Headstart, Mastercuts, Trade Secret, Xcell Paul Mitchell Training School Salon, Team Image, and Belk Salon at Riverchase Galleria MallIn Mountain Brook: Harpers Hair Inc. and Blue VelvetIn English Village & Crestline: A&W Salon, Aveda Salon, and Angel Hair 25Survey Method

OnlineInterviewRespondents 26Gender


Age28* 4 out of the 79 sample did not respond.2929ZipCity & StateFrequencyMarket Segment35216Vestavia, AL23Boomtown Singles: younger, single, working class, amid stores, apartments, services35244Hoover, AL23Up-and-comers : young, mid-scale singles, recent college graduates who enjoy nightlife.90232Culver City, CA1Urban Achievers : young mix, young, couples, families, college educated, ethnically diverse73069Norman, OK1Mobility blues: younger, without kids, modest lifestyle22181Vienna, VA1Executive Suites : middle class singles and couples, college graduates, haven for white collar professionals, significant numbers of Asian AmericanPRIZM30Which types of hair do you cut and style most frequently? (check all that apply)FrequencyCheckedUnchecked(missing)

Percent CheckedPercent UncheckedWomen94119011Colored94119011Medium Length89168515Straight82237822Curly79267525Short Length77287327Long Length68376535Men64416139Ethnic34713268Permed25802476Formal Styles23822278Other99699131Stylists asked to check all that applied32What percent of your clients have curly hair?FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent0-20%1918191921-40%3937383841-60%2019202061-80%1010101081-100%1413141433Internet UsageNMinimumMaximumMeanStd. DeviationHow often do you use the internet to get info about cutting and styling hair?103152.691.0671= Never, 2= Rarely, 3=Sometimes, 4= Frequently, 5= Always34

Websites35Likelihood of using a website for cutting & styling hair1= Very Unlikely, 5= Very LikelyNMinimumMaximumMeanStd. DeviationHow likely would you be to use a website for all types971541How likely would you be to use a website for curly hair96154136How likely would you be to use the following features on a website for hairstylist?NMinimumMaximumMeanStd. DeviationTips and tricks95154.130.854Educational Video Clips96154.090.93 Training Seminar Information95153.981.052Hair tool reviews95153.920.975Articles on cutting and styling all hair types96153.891.035Hair product reviews94153.871.039Articles on cutting and styling curly hair96153.851.046Ability to purchase products on website94153.411.273Curl Expert Job Opportunities93153.291.265Message board and forums92153.21.2511 = Very Unlikely, 5 = Very Likely

37Rank the importance of the following features with one being the most important and 9 being the least important. NMinimumMaximumMeanStd. DeviationVideo Clips81192.772.21Tips and Tricks81193.421.99Articles on cutting and styling all hair types81193.812.19Articles on cutting and styling curly hair81194.172.16Training seminar information811952.46Hair product reviews81195.841.8Hair tool reviews81196.271.8Ability to purchase products on website81196.422.1Curl expert job opportunities81197.32.461= Most Important, 9= Least Important38Features: Calendar1= Very Unlikely, 5= Very LikelyNMinimumMaximumMeanStd. DeviationHow likely would you be to use a website featuring a calendar that list dates and locations of hair stylist related seminars?911541

39Understanding the Target MarketOut of the 105 people surveyed, only 97 responded to this question: Would you be interested in accessing more information online to expand your curl cutting and styling knowledge? Therefore the percentages are based on a scale of 97 rather than 100. From this point on, only the data from YES respondents will be displayed creating a sample size of 79.

4041* 1 out of the 79 sample did not respond.42*1 out of the 79 sample did not respond.434445*1 out of the 79 sample did not respond.4647Likeli


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