NATURAL DISASTERS Preparation and Response. Volcano

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  • NATURAL DISASTERS Preparation and Response
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  • Volcano
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  • Typhoon
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  • Earthquake
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  • Tsunami
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  • Flood
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  • Vocabulary All of the natural disasters on the worksheet. Preparation: the action or process of getting ready ex: The Taipei Government has a preparation plan for an earthquake disaster.
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  • Vocabulary Reaction: a response (answer) to some situation ex: The island peoples reaction to the typhoon was too slow; many lives were lost.
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  • Vocabulary Emergency: a sudden situation that calls for immediate QUICK action. AAHHH! The ground is shaking and the mountain is smoking! Its an emergency! Call someone for help!
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  • Ready Kit 1.A box or bag of the basic things you would need to have if there were a sudden disaster. You might want or need more than one box/ bag. 2. You always keep it packed in case of an emergency. 3.It should always be kept in the same place so everyone knows where to find it.
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  • Captain Schoharie Quad Cities Ready Kit
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  • Project A Make your own Ready Kit!
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  • Project B Natural Disaster Presentation
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  • Earthquake Preparedness and Response in TaiwanEarthquake Preparedness and Response in Taiwan Earthquake Simulator New Zealand Earthquake Safety Video Drop Cover and Hold On PDF Earthquake Drill