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    OF THE


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    QUALITY POLICY NITC is committed to providing high quality, efficient certification services that are up to date with industry requirements. We will strive to continuously improve in all areas to achieve defect-free processes.

    Sincerely, Jaime Valdivia

    Executive Vice President

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    Rules and Procedures


    I. Statement of Purpose 4

    II. Certifications Administered by NITC 4

    III. Scope of Examinations 5

    IV. Basis of Examination Construction, Validation and Security 5

    V. Maintaining and Upgrading Examinations 5

    VI. Application Procedures and Fees 6

    VII. Schedule of Costs 6

    VIII. Examination Scheduling 6

    IX. Correction of Material / Technical Error in Examinations 6

    X. Notification to Certified Personnel and Stakeholders of Updated Certifications and New Certifications


    XI. Examination Process 7

    XII. Issuance of Certification Cards and Wall Certificates 7

    XIII. Re-certifications 7

    XIV. Exam Question Challenges, Appeals Procedure, Complaints 8

    XV. Requirements for Maintaining Certification 10

    XVI. Guidelines for Use of Certification Mark 11

    XVII. NITC ADA Policy 12

    XVIII. Proctor Information 14

    XIX. Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statements 17

    XX. Candidate Bulletins 19

    XXI. Re-issuance of Lost Certification Card 19

    XXII. NITC Certification Scheme Committee 20

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    I. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The purpose of the NITC Personnel Certification Program is to advance the profession of certain crafts, inspectors and businesses in the construction industry by providing (a) a mechanism by which individuals can demonstrate their knowledge of model codes, standards, industry practices, and (b) a mechanism by which stake holders in the construction industry can readily assess a minimum level of competency for such categories. NITC is non-discriminatory in accepting applications and issuing certifications to candidates in regards to membership in any trade, association, union, etc., and is in compliance with Federal and State ADA regulations. Since NITCs work is highly important to the construction industry as well as the public at large, NITC understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, manages conflict of interest and ensures the objectivity of its certification activities. Such processes are outlined in this document.


    Medical Gas Installer STAR Plumber Mastery Medical Gas Instructor STAR Pipefitter Mastery Medical Gas Inspector STAR HVACR Mastery Medical Gas Verifier STAR Fire Sprinklerfitter Mastery Medical Gas Maintenance STAR Commercial Refrigeration Mastery Medical Gas Specialist STAR Residential-Light Commercial HVACR Mastery Journey Level Plumber West Virginia Journeyman Fire Sprinklerfitter Journey Level Pipefitter / Steamfitter Instrument Technician (Proctor Only) Journey Level HVAC L.A. City Fire Sprinklerfitter Inspector UPC Master Level Plumber, Includes Gas Energy Auditor UPC Journey Level Plumber, Includes Gas Cal-Osha Confined Space / Competent Person UMC Master Level Mechanical NBOPE Journeyman Plumber UMC Journey Level Mechanical NBOPE Master Plumber Assorted Welding Processes NBOPE Pool Plumbing Specialist Brazing Processes

    III. SCOPE OF EXAMINATIONS Certification examinations are designed to test for knowledge of applicable model codes and/or standards, and may also test for general installation practices related to the code(s) or industry.


    Examinations shall be based on the Applicable Model Codes and may include standards and industry practices related to the particular certification. Examinations may be written, open and/or closed book, traditional paper and pencil or via electronic means (computer testing).

    2. Construction of Examinations

    Construction of examinations shall be performed by specific sub committees constituted of recognized experts in the particular certification field or specialty. A method based on an accepted educational standard shall be used to validate the examination construction/content as adequate to determine a minimum level of competency.

  • WI 7.2-06 Rev 01-24-18 (NITC Rules and Procedures).doc 5

    3. Validation

    Validation of examinations will be conducted by a recognized psychometrician. (See the list of validated certifications or contact NITC at (887) 477-6482 or visit our website at

    4. Security

    Examinations shall be kept in security and shall not be accessible to anyone who is not involved in the examination process. All individuals involved in the examination process at any point shall sign the required confidentiality declaration.

    V. MAINTAINING AND UPDATING EXAMINATIONS 1. Maintaining the Examinations

    The internal audit procedure per the NITC ISO Quality Management Process shall be conducted in a manner that ensures all examinations will be maintained to the highest possible standard of quality in accuracy, validity, clarity of print, grammar and proper font size. Any and all complaints, inquiries, input, appeals (pending or resolved), requests for interpretation, challenges etc. will be reviewed during the internal audit. NITC Staff will be consulted to ensure that their input is recognized.

    2. Updating of Examinations

    NITC Certification Examinations will be updated as a result of changes in codes/standards, industry procedures and any/all technical advancements that may affect safety and health conditions, and specific client requirements, etc. NITC Staff will notify the chairperson and the appropriate certification scheme / subcommittee members of scheduled changes / required changes and forward the necessary materials for technical changes and amendments to be made. The updated examinations will be triple checked for accuracy, and then the certification subcommittee will be polled for approval.

    The Size and scope of technical changes/amendments may require the submission of updated examinations for a validation process.

    VI. APPLICATION PROCEDURES AND FEES 1. Applications for certifications, together with the necessary fees, are received by U.S. mail, e-

    mail or facsimile at the NITC offices in Los Angeles. For a complete listing of examinations, schedules, and fees, contact the NITC office or visit

    2. Fees for initial certifications, re-certification of existing certifications, and costs of proctors shall

    be established by the NITC Board of Directors. 3. Applications for the re-certification of an existing certification shall be in accordance with Section

    XII (if necessary).

    VII. SCHEDULE OF COSTS The current Certification Price List is contained in Exhibit # 23. For a copy of the Certification Price List contact the NITC office or visit

  • WI 7.2-06 Rev 01-24-18 (NITC Rules and Procedures).doc 6

    VIII. EXAMINATION SCHEDULING Examinations conducted and proctored by NITC shall be scheduled and administered at locations and dates deemed appropriate by NITC, or as specifically required by clients

    Requests for special/emergency examinations will be accommodated if possible by NITC.

    IX. CORRECTION OF MATERIAL AND/OR TECHNICAL ERRORS IN EXAMINATIONS Informal requests for interpretations of questions, or formal challenges to questions should be directed to NITC by means of telephone, facsimile, e-mail, and correspondence received from proctors, instructors and candidates will be recorded with the NITC Staff and addressed as soon as possible.

    Requests for informal interpretations shall be routed to the appropriate staff member. If interpretations are answered satisfactorily to the inquiring source no corrective actions will be necessary.

    When staff encounters a material/technical error that cannot be satisfactorily answered, the NITC Quality Manager and Executive Vice President shall be notified. The quality manager and/or executive vice president shall investigate the issue and determine if a material/technical error exists. If the Quality Manager or the Executive Vice President determines that an error exists and that the error is not so technical that it can be readily corrected by NITC staff, or in cases when the error is typographical, grammatical, mathematical, etc; NITC staff shall make the necessary corrections. No consensus of the scheme or subcommittee is required in these situations.

    When in the judgment of the Quality Manager or Executive Vice President the errors are so technical as to require interpretation or a correction from the appropriate subcommittee, and then NITC shall notify the ch


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