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  • CONTENTS: Education, Experience, and Certifications

    Theatrical Experience

    Career Related Skills

    Scenery, Props, and Lighting

    Performance Theatre Activities

    Technical Theatre Activities

    Student rapport, parent contact, and website

    Personal Character, Interests, and Hobbies

    Contact Information

    *All pictures in this PPT are actual photos of projects, productions, students, and

    people with whom Ive worked over the past ten years.

    A quick snapshot of a small group before leaving on a field trip to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center to tour their facilities


    Media shots of teachers (Im in the tan jacket) at a performing arts conference at the Tennessee Performing Arts center in Nashville, Tennessee.

    I have a Bachelor of Science in Education with a 3.4 GPA from the University of North Alabama.

    I have a Master of Arts in English with a 3.9 GPA from the University of North Alabama.

    I have an 18 hour graduate certificate in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) from

    Southern Utah University.

    I am have an AP certificate in English and grammar from the University of Kentucky.

    My teaching license qualifies me to teach English and the secondary education level and

    theatre at the Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade levels. I have been teaching twelve years. I

    have QTS status in the UK.

  • CAREER EXPERIENCEAugust 2014 to Present 9


    thgrade Performance and Technical Theatre Teacher,

    Legacy High School

    Sponsor of Drama Club and all theatrical productions at the high school

    Las Vegas, Clark County Schools

    August 2008 to May 2014 - 10th-12th grade Honors English Teacher, Smyrna High School

    National Honor Society Co-Sponsor, Beta Epsilon Co-Sponsor, Shakespeare Club Sponsor,

    Beta Epsilon Sponsor, Theatrical Production Director, Mel Brooks Film Club Sponsor,

    Smyrna, Tennessee, Rutherford County Schools

    July 2007 to May 2008 - Honors English/Journalism Teacher, Page High School

    Yearbook Sponsor, Newspaper Sponsor, Mel Brooks Film Club Sponsor

    Franklin, Tennessee, Williamson County Schools

    August 2005 to June 2007 - English/Theatre Teacher, Waterloo School

    Drama Club Sponsor and Founder, Prom Coordinator, Scholars Bowl Sponsor

    Waterloo, Alabama, Lauderdale County Schools

    July 2004 to July 2005 - Theater Teacher, Sparkman High School

    Drama Club co-sponsor, SETC chaperone, Ballroom Dance Club Sponsor

    Harvest, Alabama, Madison County Schools

  • THEATRICAL EXPERIENCEApril 28, 29, 30, 2016 The Addams Family Musical, Legacy HS director/choreographerWinter 2016 Skits and Giggles, A Variety Show, Legacy HS director/choreographer

    Fall 2015 Pride and Prejudice, Legacy High School director/choreographerFall 2015 The Second Annual Womanless Beauty Pageant Fundraiser , LHS - director

    Spring 2015 Aladdin, The Musical, Legacy HS director and assistant choreographerWinter 2015 Othello, Legacy High School - director

    Fall 2014 The Womanless Beauty Pageant Fundraiser, Legacy High School - directorFall 2014 Arsenic and Old Lace, Legacy High School - director

    Spring 2014 Southern Fried Funeral, Cannon County Arts - stage managerSpring 2014 Romeo and Juliet, Smyrna High School - director and choreographerSpring 2014 Pride and Prejudice, Springhouse Arts Center - assistant directorSpring 2013 An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe, Smyrna High School- director

    Spring 2012 Pride and Prejudice, Smyrna High School director and choreographerSpring 2011 Macbeth, Smyrna High School - director

    Spring 2010 The Taming of the Shrew, Smyrna High School directorSpring 2007 Three Dog Knight, Waterloo High School author, director

    Winter 2006 How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Waterloo High School - directorFall 2006 Round the World and Back Again, Waterloo High School director


    Though it can be recycled, most of the time scenery has to be built! Sometimes props can be purchased,

    but they occasionally have to be created as well. Lighting can really make a good show a great show by

    creating an ambience of color or light intensity that changes in each scene. Please enjoy the next few

    slides of images portraying scenic design, props creation, and lighting elements from past productions!

    A flying carpet had to be created for Aladdin Jr. It works much like a giant see saw with students at one end and weights at the other.

    Occasionally, excellent set pieces can be acquired from estate sales, Goodwill, or thrift stores. This 15-foot-long sofa in The Addams Family Musical was purchased from Goodwill.

    The Halloween Orchestra concert was decorated with spooky trees, lots of spiderweb, and a red wash on the cyclorama which changed with each musical number.

  • The picture at the right was taken during a set-build day. The pink wash on the cyclorama provides a much more feminine ambience than the blue wash at the left. We had also not yet flown in the sheer fabrics from the fly space.

    The scenery and background for the womanless beauty pageant was fun and brightly colored to reflect the nature of this hilariously delightful fundraiser in which girls dress as and boys dress as girls for a pageant.

    The two pictures to the right are both of the stage during Pride and Prejudice. We painted the stage in a distressed checkerboard style to look like an old hardwood floor.

    We left the stage painted for the Christmas orchestra concert (pictured here). Our orchestra teacher asked if it could snow at her concert, to which I replied, Of course!

  • EXTRA EXTRA!Teaching is so much more than creating lesson plans, directing shows, grading papers, and running rehearsals! The image to the left is a picture that was taken of the two leads in Pride and Prejudice in order to design a creative playbill of the show. A letter was projected in order to silhouette the actors onto the cyclorama, and a photo was taken from the other side. I always take pictures of students in their costumes at the first dress rehearsal, frame them, and put them in the lobby for their parents and others to view, but for this show we created framed silhouettes of each actor for the cast table! It was such a simple yet brilliant addition to our production! The little extra accents can really make a production into a masterpiece!


    In order to make our target audience more aware of upcoming events the theatre (of which there are

    two to three each month, sometimes more). The theatre counsel of students and I decided to build a

    marquee for the front of the theatre. It lights up and the letters can be replaced as often as desired.

    It was about three weeks from conception to completion, and now we have an excellent platform

    from which to make announcements regarding upcoming shows, auditions, and other events!

    Taylor Halverson, president of the theatre counsel, helps to drill holes for the lights and install bulbs in our marquee.

    Climbing and assembling the marquee. This process took about three hours.

    The finished, lit product! What a great marquee!

  • PERFORMANCE THEATREIn performance theatre, students learn about performing in levels, enunciation,

    various dialects, projection, choreography, stage movement, the casting, rehearsal,

    and production process, and costume and make-up solutions.

    Rehearsals for The Addams Family Musical

    Dress rehearsal for The Taming of the Shrew

  • PERFORMANCE THEATRE Students may choose to audition for extra-curricular productions whether they are in theatre classes or not.

    Many students do not have room in their schedules for theatre, but they choose to audition for productions.

    There are also students in theatre who cannot be in productions due to family, jobs, or other barriers. The

    program is very flexible in providing all students in the school with the opportunity to learn no matter their

    curricular schedule. Due to the shortage of teachers in Las Vegas, some theatre classes have as many as

    45 students!

    A Theatre I class: 2015-2016 along with our paraprofessional (teaching assistant), Hakeem Shabazz.

    Advanced theatre students rehearsing for Alice in Vegasland, a parody that they wrote.

  • TECHNICAL THEATRE ACTIVITIESThere are various levels of responsibility and in most tech classes. Some students are responsible

    for complex, long-term projects, while others have to be taught how to open a can of paint (quite

    literally). In technical theatre, students learn to design and build props and scenery. They learn to

    use sound and light boards. They learn about the production process, and they learn about the roles

    of various theatre personnel and how to perform those roles with pride and excellence. Please enjoy

    the following images of technical theatre students performing various roles in the technical process

    of productions.

    Students hang lighting and snowflakes created for the orchestras winter concert.

    Students determine the best way to hang sheer white fabric for a romantic effect for Pride and Prejudice.

    Tech students paint flats to be flown in as background scenery for The Addams Family Musical.