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MYPACCO, India based courier booking solutions provider, is offering prompt, seamless yet cost effective national and international parcel delivery services.


  • MYPACCO Offering Prompt National And International Courier DeliveryServices

    MYPACCO, India based courier booking solutions provider, is offering prompt,seamless yet cost effective national and international parcel delivery services.

    A specialised delivery service for products, documents and other sensitivematerials, is the need of the hour for businesses and individuals alike. Forremaining competitive and gainful, businesses in the modern times require promptand safe delivery of their stuff to the desired destination. MYPACCO is one suchcourier service but with a difference. Based in India, the courier service provider ismoving forth with conviction to meet and go beyond the requirements of its clients.

    With the intent to offer insight into MYPACCO, one of its executives recentlystated, By delivering quality courier booking solutions for both domestic andoverseas consignments, we have emerged as a name worth considering. Ourplatform eliminates all hassles associated with book parcels and documents andhence facilitates a seamless and rewarding experience. In collaboration with toplogistics companies, we allow the client to send his parcels to his preferreddestination, which can be in India or overseas, in a prompt and cost effectivemanner.

    MYPACCO strives to cater to the ultimate in customer delight. To this end, thecourier booking solutions provider offers automated tracking system along with avariety of other benefits, which curtails the overhead and hassles involved indelivering parcels. The diversity in modes of parcel booking also helps MYPACCOto keep its clients in high spirits. At MYPACCO, the client is at the liberty to makebookings through mobile app, call centre, by logging to its website or simplyvisiting stores located in multiple locations including Delhi, Mumbai, and Surat.

    Shedding light on the enterprise, the executive further stated, Customiseddelivery is our speciality. We can deliver a parcel at different speeds as per theclients need. In case of domestic services, one can avail Express, Economy orSurface mode. On the other hand, anyone in need of overseas services canchoose between Express or Economy mode. Contrary to other service providers,we do not insist the client to register with us. Furnishing basic details with validmobile number and email id will suffice. Moreover, we do not even ask for emailverification.

    For security reasons, MYPACCO asks for copy of KYC documents and parcelpacked ready from anyone who receives the parcel. The parcel will standundelivered if the receiver fails to furnish the required documents. In case there is

  • no pick up of the parcel, the client can visit MYPACCO login page and submit anonline request for immediate solution and the professionals will get back to him inthe minimum possible time. Therefore, those looking for the next day deliverycourier service in India need not go any further than MYPACCO.

    About MYPACCO:

    With the base of operations in India, MYPACCO is a courier booking solutionsprovider with a splendid record of accomplishments. Working with top logisticscompanies, the enterprise allows the clients to send their parcels locally,nationally and internationally. Currently, the courier booking solutions provider iscatering to the requirements of individuals and businesses in Delhi, Mumbai, andSurat but intends to serve on pan India basis. Therefore, people find a reliableaide in MYPACCO for seeking parcel & courier service in India .

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    Ph No: 1800 212 8878Mail: