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  • 1.Observations on Wilson Satire prompt

2. Lets talk thesis 3. The magic wordbecause... 4. How does the satire show the unproductive nature of thearguments? 5. Common ideas fortopic sentences 6. Name-calling 7. Absurdity or ridiculousness 8. Less common andmore insightful 9. Impugning motivation 10. Attributing a desire for power 11. Straw Man attacks 12. Ad Hominem attacks 13. Slippery Slope attacks 14. Illustrating contempt for opponents 15. Demonstrating a lack ofdesire to compromiseor nd commonground. 16. Helpful idea: What isNOT in the pieces 17. Evidence of actuallycaring about theEnvironment 18. Facts, statistics, arguments 19. Understanding of the other sides concerns. 20. Writing suggestions 21. Dont forget the formula. Deviate if you have a reason. 22. 1.Topic sentence. 2. Set-up, context. 3. Quote (dueling quotes?) 4.Commentary -- more here 23. Generally... 24. More time in pre-writeto come up with interesting points.