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Student, Traveler, world-ChangerADAM C SIMPSON

My Grandpa is my Hero.

42 years of perfect attendance as a blue-collar worker.Maintained a marriage for my grandmas entire life (she died in 2002).Raised me from the age of 13 until I moved out to go to college.Taught me the value of a strong work ethic and sensible financial management.Pushed me to pursue education and follow my dreams.Financed my travel experiences that, at a young age, enabled me to experience and gain an interest in the world as a whole.

My Studies in a Nutshell.EconomicsPolitical ScienceInternational StudiesGPA=3.7School=University of Kentucky

My Personality According to Myers-Briggs.I-IntrovertedN-IntuitiveT-ThinkingP-PerceivingMajor Aspects:

Oh, The Places I Have Been.2005: France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain2006: Australia2010: England and France2012: Argentina

My Skills and Abilities.Data analysis and entryPhotographyEconomic developmentWorking as a team memberCommunicating cross-culturally

Work Experience.2007-Network Consultant2009-Kitchen Assistant2010-Peer Mentor2011-Engine Tester2012-Host

Post Graduation Possibilities.MBAMS in economicsJD in lawMA in diplomacyLabor force in economic development, business, or journalism

Interested?Give me a ring at 502.316.4082Email me at AceCS1989@gmail.comI am prepared to step up to the challenge, no matter how big or small.


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