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High School Gradation

After dropping out of high school many time times due to family problems, I never thought I would graduate. When that day came there was a special person attending, the late NDP leader Jack Layton who was the guest speaker. The main task for me was that I had so many problems going on that I wasnt able to balance school, work and family. However, with encouragement from my family I didnt give up and I was able to finish high school. This resulted in bringing me to Centennial College for a post graduate adv. diploma, and offering hope that you are never too late or old for to succeed.

Online Music Production

I had a desire to do Tamil music for longest time. However it was very hard because there werent many resources available, and the cost was too high. I needed to go to India in order to do produce my album. In 2010 I collaborated with a music producer, who is based in Italy, to create my music through the internet. We recorded instruments in India while over seeing it through Skype. We also did vocal recording in Canada and used musicians in Italy. As result we made the very first album that was recorded online through 3 different continents, broadening the path for other Tamil artists to create their own music.Video Interview

In Career exploration class I had a assignment where I had to do a video interview. I wanted mine stand out the most and have equal quality to some professional videos that the professor showed in previous classes. I saw the task at hand and I wanted to impress him. I contacted a friend who owns a studio, who is an expert in editing. We spent over 5 hours for 2 minutes of film. In the end, this video was very professional and equal to what professor presented. Charity Program

In 2011, my friends and I decided to host a music concert to raise money for people in Sri- Lanka. To finish the task, we need to give a quality program to the audience in order to sell tickets. Many musicians and myself practiced for many days and it sometimes went past midnight. The event was a success and we were able to help many families in Sri Lanka; providing food and basic needs (in picture you can see the kids who is about to receive school supplies). The next program is scheduled later this year where we will raise money to supply artificial legs for war-victims in Sri-Lanka.Linkedin Assignement

Another assignment I had in school was to create a Linkedin account. I had no idea about what Linkedin was and I was little worried. I saw that there is lot to do. However I followed the steps I needed to take to finish the assignment. In the end I got 97.5 % on this assignment.