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talent acquisition and retention in NTPC, India.


  • 1. National Thermal PowerCorporation LimitedAbrity BhattacharyaRoll No. 01Talent management at NTPC1

2. Vission and mission2 3. Business Portfolio1. Generation of Electric Power.2. Coal Mining and Coal Washier.3. Oil/ Gas Exploration.4. Power Project Construction.5. Renovation & Modernization of Power Stations.6. Distribution and Trading of Electricity through itswholly-owned subsidiary companies.3 4. HR vision "To enable our people to be a family of committed world classprofessionals. Recruitment: Grow your own timber. Career management system: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT, CAREERPATHS and LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Rewards recognition: celebration of achievement. Innovate, create, compete. Quality of work life Knowledge management: ultimate objective of becoming a learningorganization Training and development: own comprehensive training infrastructure. Education up-gradation scheme Seeking employee feedback HR awards won.4 5. Human Resource policies'People before PLF (Plant Load Factor)' is the guidingphilosophy behind the entire gamut of HR policies atNTPC.The MBA program initiative came from one of the System ReviewGroups within NTPC. These groups have been created to review the HR systems andprocesses and suggest changes for improvement. They make presentations before HR group heads and once the idea isapproved, it becomes a policy.Currently employ approximately 26,000 people at NTPC.5 6. 6 7. Some unique features: Marriage portals for employees. Free counseling and support program Snehal. PUPs First Day First Show Movies Hi-Tech wireless communication to stay connectedwith family4 building blocks of HR: Competence building, Commitment building, Culture building and Systems building7 8. Values and cultureCore Values BE COMMITTED B-Business Ethics E-Environmentally & Economically Sustainable C-Customer Focus O-Organisational & Professional Pride M-Mutual Respect & Trust M-Motivating Self & others I-Innovation & Speed T-Total Quality for Excellence T-Transparent & Respected Organisation E-Enterprising D-Devoted8 9. To actualize the core values and ensure that they remainrelevant, NTPC have taken various steps: Creating a weightage for values in Performance ManagementSystems; Conduct training programs on values and including sessions onvalues in key programs; Rewarding value based behavior and creation of ValueActualization Task force. A Vision & Values Revisit Workshop by top management is amajor component of core value actualization.A culture of celebrating achievements and a strong focus onperformance are a way of life in NTPC.9 10. NTPC holds pride in its systems for providing a good quality ofwork-life to its employees.Providing beautiful and safe work places.Encourages a culture of mutual respect and trust amongst peers,superiors and subordinates.Away from hectic city life, NTPC townships provide anenvironment of serenity, natural beauty and close communityliving.NTPC also recognizes the contribution of employees familiesthrough involving them in various events and competitions.10 11. Career growthNTPC has well established talent management systems inplace to ensure that the company delivers on its promise ofproviding exponential growth and challenge to allemployees.Performance Management - NTPC has a standardized andformalized performance management system. A KPA basedsystem is designed to assess functional, managerial andpotential competence in an objective and transparentmanner.11 12. Career Paths - All career paths have an underlying managementstructure. Succession criteria for leadership positions in each career path havebeen identified, which provide basis for job rotation. Anyone joining the organization can choose to pursue a business,function or staff career path. They will be put through specific training interventions and jobrotation path towards becoming a business, function or staff head.Leadership Development - Potential employees are assessed forleadership competence and are groomed to occupy leadershippositions in the company. Have a system that enables measurement of leadership effectiveness,gap identification against an identified set of leadership competence. Individual development plans are made based on the gaps identified.12 13. Recruitment Grow your own timber philosophy. NTPC's Executive Trainee Scheme was introduced in the year1977 with the objective to raise a cadre of home grownprofessionals. First Division Graduate Engineers/Post Graduates are hiredthrough nation wide open competitive examination andcampus recruitments. Hiring is followed by 52 weeks induction training (fully paid)consisting of theoretical input, on job training, personalitydevelopment & management modules.13 14. Induction trainingTheater Workshop - To enhance their communication skills-verbaland non verbal, team work, body language, expressionsetc. conducted with the help of professional institutions likeNational School of Drama.Yoga - - For the holistic development of the trainees, caring fortheir physical health and mental alertness. Scheduled every morning during the orientation trainingperiod.Corporate Social Responsibility - - In order to make new hires apart of NTPCs social responsibility drive, exposure to on-fieldcommunity development and responsibilities is given. 14 15. Mentoring "Ankur"- For effective socialization and transformationexecutive trainees are attached to mentors once they are put onjob. Mentors are senior executives with 10-15 years of experience in NTPC.Sports - To keep the trainees physically active and agile, emphasisis laid on sports activities. Sports infrastructure has been provided at each NTPC location andinter/intra unit matches are organised from time to time.15 16. Innovate create competeIntroduced numerous initiatives which seek to enhance thecreativity, innovation, functional aptitude and teamwork ofemployees. NTPC Open Competition for Executive Talent (NOCET)-National Open Competition for Executive Talent (NOCET) is a 3tier theme based team event held to solicit ideas on latestissues facing the organization. Professional Circles - As a learning organization, NTPCencourages formation of Professional circles for knowledgedissemination; knowledge updating etc. Professional circles are interest groups where employeessharing same interest areas get together to shareknowledge and latest developments in the field. 16 17. Quality Circles- Introduced as an initiative to involve everygrass root level employee.o Employees volunteer to take up improvement projects in theirwork areas. Annual contests are organised at project level,regional level and company level in which QCs from all overNTPC compete with each other. Business Minds- This is a management game that developsstrategic thinking & decision making in executives byexposing participants to simulated real life businesssituations.o It is conducted in association with AIMA. Cross-functionalteams participate in the game as it is multi disciplinary innature reflecting real life multifunctional role of business.17 18. Knowledge Management in NTPC- In initiative to meetultimate objective of becoming a Learning Organization,an integrated Knowledge Management has beendeveloped. This system allows tacit knowledge in form of learning andexperiences of employees to be captured and summarisedfor future reference.18 19. Training and developmentTraining in NTPC is carried out with short term and long termobjectives to impart skills required.Planned InterventionsFor management development, NTPC has a set of plannedinterventions designed for each stage in a persons career.Each of these is a custom made and medium term trainingprogram.NTPCs training policy envisages minimum 7 Mondays of trainingper employee per year.Philosophy is to develop their own training systems and delivertraining internally as far as possible. Hence, NTPC has developedits own training infrastructure 19 20. Training infrastructurePower Management Institute It is the apex training institute ofNTPC located in NOIDA, close to the company headquarters andhouses a world class training infrastructure. The Institute has full time dedicated faculty.Employee Development Centres- Employee Development Centres(EDCs) are located at all NTPC projects and stations and take careof training needs of employees at the unit.Simulator Centers - NTPC is the proud owner of two simulatortraining centers, for both coal based and gas based plants. These simulator centers are meant to give hands on experienceof operating a power plant to engineers in total safety. 20 21. Education up-gradation scheme NTPC has tie-ups with institutes like MDI, Gurgaon; IIT, Delhi;BITS, Pilani etc.NTPC sponsors fixed size batches of employees who areinducted into these courses based on their performancerating in the company and their performance in the entranceexam conducted by the institutes.Unlike other study leave and sabbaticals, employeesundergoing these courses do not forego their salary or careergrowth during the duration of the course.21 22. TownshipThe tough task before the public sector companies is to controlattrition that is while adhering to government pay-structure.Chairman and managing director Dr. Arup Roy Choudhary saidyoung and middle aged employees are increasingly moving tolow profile jobs in cities for a comfortable life though they arecapable of managing projects in far-flung areas.22https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHLzJ1qP9I4 23. CompensationNTPC Known as the highest payer in Power sector.The compensation structure is designed in such a way so as to recognizeand reward critical skills and competencies in employees.The remunerations of employees are fixed through negotiations withEmployees Union subject to the overall guidelines of Department ofPublic Enterprises, Government of India.Compensation structure includes base pay, fixed bonuses, allowancesor other payments re