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  1. 1. Summary -------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 Description ----------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 Vision & Goals Mission History & Current Situation ---------------------------------------------- Page 8 Location & Ownership --------------------------------------------------- Page 10 Key Planning Assumptions ---------------------------------------- Page 12 - 14 Size of Market Foot Traffic Competition Summary SWOT ---------------------------------------------------------- Page 16 Marketing Strategy ------------------------------------------------------- Page 18 Management --------------------------------------------------------------- Page 20 Skills and Qualifications Responsibilities Financial Strategy & Project Income ----------------------------- Page 22 - 23 Overview Initial Investment Cash Flow Scenarios Forecast #1 Forecast #2 Project Market Dates Next Steps ----------------------------------------------------------------- Page 25 Market Rules and Regulations ------------------------------------ Page 27 - 32 Event Summary ------------------------------------------------------ Page 34 - 37 Expense Report ----------------------------------------------------------- Page 38
  2. 2. There are a number of farmers markets within a 20 mile range of Miami Springs. These markets include the following: Location Day of Week Times Duration Doral Sunday 10am-3pm Seasonal Kendall Village Sunday 9am-3pm Year Round Lincoln Road Sunday 9am-6pm Year Round Mary Brickell Sunday 10am-4pm Year Round Midtown Saturday 11am-6pm Year Round Pinecrest Sunday 9am-2pm Year Round South Miami Saturday 9am-2:00pm Year Round Tropical Park Saturday 9:00am-3pm Year Round Upper East Saturday 9:00am-2pm Year Round Wynwood Saturday 12pm-6pm Year Round Adrienne Arsht Ctr Monday 4pm-8pm Year Round Amelia Earhart Sunday 11am-5pm Closed Coconut Grove Saturday 10am-7pm Year Round Coral Gables Saturday 8am-1pm Jan-March Coral Gables Biltmore Saturday 8am-2pm Seasonal
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  6. 6. March 19, 2017 March 26, 2017 April 02, 2017 April 09, 2017 April 16, 2017 *Easter Sunday April 23, 2017 *River Cities Festival April 30, 2017 May 07, 2017 May 14, 2017 *Mothers Day
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  8. 8. 1) 2016 Miami Springs Farmers Market Market Dates and Times: Sundays, March 19, 2017 - May 14, 2017. Market Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 2) Location of the Market 3) Check-In Requirements 4) Products to be Sold
  9. 9. Produce: Flowers and Plants: Food Items: Original Art-Work: Crafts/Other:
  10. 10. 5) Fee Structure Weekly Rate for 10 X 10 Area: $35.00 Full Season Fee (10 X 10 Area): $315.00 (9 market days) 6) Space Allocation Requirements Vendors are required to bring a tent 10x10 size on premises. Parking alongside Curtiss Parkway is designated for consumers. Vendor parking is undecided. 7)Application for the Market 8) Civic Organization Participants
  11. 11. 9) Rights Reserved by M&N Co.
  12. 12. 10) Vendor Responsibility a) d
  13. 13. 11) The Farmers Market and M&N Co. Responsibilities
  14. 14. Event Name: The Miami Springs Fresh Thyme Market Event Host M&N Co. Organization: Event Date(s): March 19, March 26, April 2, April 16, April 23, April 30, May 7, May 14, 2017 Event Start Time: 10:00am Event End Time: 3:00pm Event Location Selected: Yes Location: North of Curtiss Parkway Event Location City: Miami Springs Key Contact Nicole Petralanda or Person(s): Michelle Candelaria Phone: (786) 547-7851 or (305) 206-8770 E-Mail: Preferred Method of Communication: Telephone Email
  15. 15. Market Segment: Non-for-profit Educational Social Event Type: Farmers Market Event Frequency: Seasonal Event Host Overview (mission, philosophy, ect.): Vision: Our vision for the city of Miami Springs Farmers Market is it to ultimately become an established market, that attracts more residents to our downtown area. The first two years will be dedicated to making sure that the market is consistent, professionally- managed, well attended and highly-visible. In 3-5 years our goal is to greatly expand the size of the market. We would also like to focus on programming activities, that would include: local artists, vintage products, crafts, delicious food, natural juices, yoga, and kids recreation in order to increase attendance by making the market fun and exciting. We would like to see this farmers market become an ongoing tradition in our Miami Springs community while creating consumers awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Mission: The mission of the Miami Springs Farmers Market is to provide a weekly community event for all ages, that will provide a source of fresh fruit, vegetables and local goods to residents, highlight the downtown area, and encourage residents to get in the habit of coming downtown. This market is being created to function as an economic development tool and a community gathering place. The purpose of the market is to promote locally grown/made and a products, activities and encourage visitors to patronize nearby businesses. It is also hoped that the Market will foster a sense of community and educate on healthy eating habits. The intention is that vendors, customers, downtown businesses and residents will benefit from this market as well raise health awareness. Event Objectives: The objective is for customers and residents to benefit from the variety produce that the seasonal market will offer. Our intention is for local farmers to be successful and save farmland while raising health awareness in the community. Meeting Theme: Spring Theme
  16. 16. Expected Total Event Attendance: 200 over Event History: First Time Event under new management Accessibility/ Special Needs: None Future Open Dates: There are future open dates for this event: Yes Event Proposal Outdoor Activities Overview: Entertainment Games Gifts Themed Event Staffing Requirements: None Description of security Commercial General Liability Insurance and/or liability insurance requirements: Coastal Insurance Special Activities Recreational Activities: Yoga, Live exercise demos Entertainment: Live Music, Dog Show Childrens Programs: Petting zoo, Easter Egg hunt Senior Citizens: Bingo Primary Set-up: 10x10 tents Cleaning Services: Volunteer Services
  17. 17. Medical/Emergency Instructions: Dial 911 and notify Planners Key Event Organizer/Host Nicole Petralanda (786) 547-7851 Organization Contact in Michelle Candelaria (305) 206-8770 Case of Emergency/Crisis: Crisis & Emergency Instructions: Dial 911 and/or notify Planners Onsite Communications Protocol: Phone Calls /Text messages are preferred method of contact for planner
  18. 18. Farmers Market Expense Report Year 1 Expenses Liability Insurance 1,500.00 License and Permits 100.00 Marketing 600.00 Printing: Banners 500.00 Printing: Flyers and B. Cards 300.00 Total Expenses: $3,000


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