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Department of Physics. MSc in Fusion Energy. Greg Tallents Co-ordinator, MSc. Geoff Pert (EUV Lasers, fluids ). Academic staff. Matt Reinke (exp Tokamak). Erik Wagenaars (low temp Plasmas). Howard Wilson (plasma instabilities NTMs, ELMs and transport). Greg Tallents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • MSc in Fusion EnergyGreg TallentsCo-ordinator, MSc

  • Academic staffGregTallents(EUV lasers)NigelWoolsey(laboratoryAstro, fastIgnitor )John Pasley(fast ignitorfusion)Howard Wilson (plasmainstabilities NTMs, ELMsand transport)KieranGibson(Thompsonscatter, spacecraftprotection)BenDudson(simulation of ELMs)Roddy Vann (magneticdiagnostics, Vlasov codes)GeoffPert(EUVLasers,fluids)Erik Wagenaars(low tempPlasmas)Chris Ridgers (high irradiance laser-plasmas)Timo Gans(low tempPlasmas)BruceLipshultz(exp TokamakPhysics)DeborahOConnell(low temp. Plasmas)MattReinke(exp Tokamak)

  • Lecturing staff in the Plasma and Fusion groupProfessor Greg Tallents, Co-ordinator of the MSc (lecturing part-of Advanced plasmas).Professor Howard Wilson, Director of the York Plasma Institute (lecturing Plasma physics for fusion).Dr Kieran Gibson, MSc Admission Tutor (laboratory MFE).Dr Nigel Woolsey (laboratory IFE).Dr Roddy Vann (laboratory MFE).Dr John Pasley (lecturing Fusion (IFE).Dr Ben Dudson (lecturing Fusion (MFE) and laboratory MFE).Dr Chris Ridgers (lecturing part of Advanced plasma physics).Professor Timo Gans (lecturing part of Advanced plasma physics).Erik Wagenaars (laboratory IFE).

  • Governing structures for the MScMany lectures are also taken by Fusion Doctoral Training Networkstudents:

  • BoS






    MSc Board ofExaminers

    MSc in Fusion EnergyQuality and standards

  • Overall course structure

  • Teaching detailsThe summer research project starts about week 5 in term 3 (3.5) with a project report due in early September 2012.The Fusion technology module will be lectured in week 2 of term 2. Lecturers will be largely outside experts. Assessment will be largely by open book exam in week 3.1.The Frontiers of fusion workshop module will be presented in week 3.4. Poster component of laboratory presented here. Reports on the workshop due week 3.6.Laboratory classes are held in term 1 and 2. Assessment is continuous (+ poster in FoF workshop).Other lectured modules are given during terms 1 and 2 with examinations at the beginning of term 2 for modules finishing in term 1, and the beginning of term 3 for modules finishing in term 2.

    Lecturers and studentsduring the Frontiers of FusionWorkshop (10 credit MSc module)outside the York Plasma Institute(YPI).

  • DocumentationTimetable available onlineHandbook for MSc in Fusion Energy (also contains detailed syllabuses for the MSc modules)- available online The VLE is used to convey teaching information

  • ElectivesElectives are optional modules of 10 credit value each.Student must elect two modules.Modules available are High performance computing [term 1]Astrophysical plasmas [term 1]Fluid dynamics [term 2]Statistical methods in experimental physics [term 2]Radiation and matter [term 2]

  • Your MScProblem questions are set for core lectured courses (due Fridays no marks if late).The problem questions are worth 15% in the final assessment for each module.Students need to achieve 50% in EACH module to pass the MSc.Re-sits will be available in up to 40 credits. Compensation rules also apply.The project is worth 60 credits. Laboratory is 30 credits. The Fusion module is worth 20 credits. All other modules are 10 credits. Total for the MSc is 180 credits.Circumstances affecting performance or progression: need to submit a mitigating circumstances form- available at -

  • Dedicated FLS (Fusion Learning Studio)Dr John Pasley lecturing on fast ignition fusion (inertial confinement) in the FLS.All MSc students have a laptop and deskspace provided for the year in the FLS.All MSc only courses are presented in the YPI, FLSAll MSc in Fusion Energy are allocated a pastoralcare supervisor from the YPI staff and have a supplied laptop for the course duration.Fees for home students are6200 (2013/14)

  • HousekeepingYou have continuous access to the FLS via your keycard.Laptops to be kept in the FLS locked to the desk or put in locker please.No food/drink in FLS feel free to use the common room and kitchen (downstairs).Please keep textbooks provided in the FLS.Academic advisor is a point of contact on academic and other issues.