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Proven to Make Your Life Easier

Proven to Make Your Life EasierMoving Tips

Anyone who is preparing to move and relocate homes is often familiar with the amount of work that is involved. From packing all of your belongings to loading heavy furniture into a moving truck, it can be a challenging process from beginning to end. To make moving easier and reduce the stress involved, there are a few important tips to follow for added efficiency.

Pack a Box for the EssentialsWhen you're in the middle of moving it can often be difficult to find the toilet paper or extra snacks when everything is packed away. Pack the essentials in one box to find what you need until everything is unpacked. Consider packing an extra change of clothes, hand soap, and water bottles to make the necessities easy to find and in one place. You can also keep all of your moving supplies in one place for easy access, which can include packaging tape, markers, unprinted newspaper, and extra cleaning supplies.

Wrap Your Dishes in ClothesInstead of spending extra money on bubble wrap to wrap fragile stemware or dishes, opt for using clean socks and clothing items for extra padding. This will make it easier to use fewer boxes and take up less room with the wardrobe that you pack. Plates can also be packed vertically in boxes to prevent them from breaking due to extra pressure that is placed on top of the boxes in the moving van.

Color Coordinate Each BoxAfter unloading all of your boxes into your new home, it can be challenging to determine where to begin the process of unpacking. Color code each box according to the room that the items should be placed in to make it easier to keep everything organized and unpack at a faster rate. You can apply colored stickers to the box or use different colors of markers, which will make it easier for the movers to place them in the right room.

Keep Belongings in DrawersInstead of transferring everything in your dresser drawers to boxes, keep the items in their drawers and move the drawers individually into the moving van. You can place the drawers back into the dressers once they're in the moving truck to take up less room and keep everything sealed. This will make it easy to keep your clothes organized and avoid as much work during the moving process.

Take Measurements of Your New HomeTo ensure that all of your new furniture will fit properly in each room of your new home, it's important to take measurements of the interior setting before moving in. Move the heavy furniture into the home first to ensure that it fits in the right place before placing the boxes in the rooms.

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