morningstar hedge fund data .morningstar® hedge fund data ... that allows investors to easily...

Download Morningstar Hedge Fund Data .Morningstar® Hedge Fund Data ... that allows investors to easily compare

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  • Morningstar Hedge Fund Data

    A trusted independent sourceMorningstar is a leading provider of independent invest-ment research in global markets. We offer an extensive line of Internet, software, and print-based products for individual investors, financial advisors, and institutional clients.

    Extensive hedge fund informationMorningstars worldwide coverage of 280,000 investmentofferings includes global hedge fund data and research.Our goal is to bring more transparency to the hedge fund industry, much like we did with the mutual fundindustry more than 20 years ago.

    Our offering of 8,500 active hedge funds is one of themost robust offerings and includes nearly 300 data points. Our timely, reliable data includes performance statistics, risk analysis, portfolio and strategy insight and manager profiles. The unique Morningstar Rating is aquantitative assessment of risk-adjusted performancethat allows investors to easily compare hedge funds within the same peer group and identify those worthy offurther research.

    Investors interested in a reliable benchmarking system toanalyze how hedge fund strategies perform and correlatewith markets can use the Morningstar Category Indexesand the Morningstar Indexes based upon the MSCI HedgeFund Index Methodology and Classification Standardfor a more granular analysis. This comprehensive lineup

    of indexes facilitates vigorous performance measurement,portfolio construction and optimization. Our independentresearch offers exclusive insight to a funds managementand risk. The Morningstar analyst reports include a management review, investment strategy, risk assess-ment, and Morningstar viewpoint.

    Commitment to data quality Quality investment data is the core of Morningstars business. Morningstar uses proprietary screens and quality assurance tests at each stagefrom collection to deliveryto provide clients with the cleanest information. All data is collected directly from hedge fundmanagers and reviewed by Morningstar data analysts for accuracy and completeness.

    Hedge fund data in Morningstar productsMorningstar hedge fund data is available to accreditedinvestors through (see reverse side for information):3 Morningstar DirectSM

    3 Morningstar DirectSM Alternative Investment Edition3 Morningstar Advisor WorkstationSM


    3 Morningstar Licensed Data3 Morningstar Investment ProfilesTM

    Get more informationVisit 1 866 431-3968 or 1 312 384-4904E-mail

    Morningstar Hedge Fund Data BenefitsA recognized, trusted source ofinvestment informationSolutions to drive research andinvestor communicationsIndependent, objective and survivorship bias free




    Hedge Fund Data

    Total number of funds 8,500(Includes single-managed hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, and CTAs)

    Fund of hedge funds 3,700

    Funds per domicile:U.S. 1,700Offshore 4,300Europe 1,950Asia/Australia 300

    More than 300 screenable data points Portfolio holdings for 1000 hedge fund firmsComprehensive global coverage

  • Morningstar Hedge Fund DataIncluded in Morningstar Products

    Integrate investments across datauniverses for manager searchesTrack hedge fund trends usingportfolio holdings for 1,000 firmsConsult hedge fund reports fromMorningstar analystsCustomize benchmarks, time periods, risk statistics, and moreConduct holdings- and returns-based style analysisGenerate client-ready reports







    Morningstar Direct is a global institutional research platform that provides seamless access to all ofMorningstars databases, including hedge funds. Usingtimely Web-based delivery, Morningstar Direct combines peer and style analysis and performance evaluation with data customization and extensive graphing capabilities to deliver a sophisticated solutionfor robust investment research. 866 229-02161 312 384-4164

    Morningstar DirectSM

    2008 Morningstar, Inc. All rights reserved. The Morningstar name and logo are registered marks of Morningstar. Marks used in conjunction with Morningstar products or services are the property ofMorningstar or its subsidiaries. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Morningstar Direct Alternative Investment Edition offers fund of fund managers, hedge fund managers,investors and consultants with Web-based, qualitativeand quantitative tools that support their hedge fundresearch and due diligence needs. Designed for the alternatives professional, its optimized for performanceevaluation, investment selection, competitive analysis,and portfolio creation. 866 229-0216 (in U.S.)1 312 384-4904 (outside U.S.)

    Access 8,500 active hedge funds,funds of hedge funds and CTAsCustomize benchmarks, time periods, risk statistics, and moreImport automatically user-enteredprivate funds for comparisonsAnalyze data with customizablecharts, tables, and reportsBenchmark performance against29,000 global indexes






    Alternative Investment Edition

    Other Products Morningstar Advisor Workstation SM

    This Web-based investment planning platform for finan-cial advisors features in-depth research; robust clientreports and portfolio management; goal-based planning;and asset allocation tools. Institutions can offer theiraffiliated advisors the customized Enterprise Edition,while Office Edition is designed for independent advisors. 866 619-5932 800 886-1749

    For millions of investors, is a preferredonline destination for independent analysis and timelyinformation. Accredited investors who subscribe toPremium Membership can quickly search key hedge fundinformation such as fundamental risk/return metrics,management background, and fees.

    Morningstar EnCorr

    This software platform offers the tools to research, create, analyze, and implement optimal asset allocationstrategies. An innovative solution for conductingadvanced statistical and graphical analysis, EnCorr helpsbuild portfolios designed to generate robust returns atvarying risk levels. 800 758-3557

    Morningstar Licensed DataWith Morningstar Licensed Data, institutions license a data feed to use information from Morningstars expansive proprietary database. Data feeds support arange of applications, such as conducting research, making investment comparisons, developing products andservices, and improving communication with investors. 1 888 736-0780