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M O R A LD E C L I N EAngga Arianda Rian Yudi H.


What is moral decline ?Abrar:Moral decline is the low morality by student and doing bad actievities to their environment.

Yaffi Syahna:I think moral decline is the people that have a bad moral like undicipline and bad think that we do in every place.

Farhan:Moral decline is the reduction in the culture in the community.

Athiya:Moral decline is change the behavior of good to evil.

Diki:Moral decline is change of the people of which deviated from religion.Do you think that moral decline is prevalent in our society ?Abrar:Yes, it was. because with is join west cultures would change our morality.

Yaffi Syahna:Yes, because everybody has their mistake and that is amoral.

Farhan:No, that is the root of a big problem.

Athiya:No, because moral decline is contrary to the norms.

Diki:No, because moral decline is the effect of negative from western culture.What moral quality of indonesian society now ?Abrar:In my opinion, the moral quality of indonesian worse that 10 years ago.

Yaffi Syahna:So bad, because so many people in indonesia broke their country.

Farhan:Very low, because it is still very much the crime occurred.

Athiya:Bad, because there are so many people who amoral in Indonesia.

Diki:Very low, because there are still many cases of irregularities in Indonesian.Is the one who caused the moral decline should be punished ?Abrar:Yes, it was. Because bad morality would make bad impact to anyone.

Yaffi Syahna:Yes, but we must see about what they do.

Farhan:Yes, in order to change his behavior..

Athiya:Yes, they should be punish because they wrong.

Diki:Yes, because it is a big mistake.Is the moral decline must be stopped ?Abrar:Yes, because moral decline can damage ourCountry.

Yaffi Syahna:Yes, because moral declin could be a big problem in the future.

Farhan:Yes, Moral decline can damage the next generation.

Athiya:Yes, it should be stoped.

Diki:Yes, because it is very dangerous for our country.How do I stop the moral decline ?Abrar:I think we must filter all of the culture from europe or united states.

Yaffi Syahna:We should be able to resuscitate those who are amoral.

Farhan:We must cstay away from foreign cultures that is not good.

Athiya:I think they need attention from us.

Diki:They need to be given sufficient understanding of religion.I am moral decline,Stop me now or never