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<p> 1 </p> <p>Holy Rude Churchyard Stirling </p> <p>Monumental Inscription </p> <p>Index </p> <p>An A-Z Index of names inscribed on all surveyed stones </p> <p>Holy Rude Churchyard is situated off St. John Street, Stirling. </p> <p> </p> <p> 2 </p> <p>Whether monuments or gravestones are very grand and ornate or are the humblest of stones tucked away in some forgotten corner of a </p> <p>Churchyard, they represent part of our heritage and although etched in stone, their inscriptions are disappearing at an alarming rate. </p> <p>Whilst some may still be standing, others have either toppled or have been laid flat, all eventually suffering from the elements, </p> <p>becoming so weathered or eroded that their inscriptions have faded or at worst, disappeared completely. The care and attention once </p> <p>given to tending that special place long gone shrubs and weeds taking over, obscuring or even hiding a once prominent site. In </p> <p>many old Churchyards, gravestones are removed or relocated to assist in the maintenance of the burial ground or because the land is </p> <p>up for re-development and can end up as nothing more than a path. </p> <p>Monumental Inscriptions or gravestones are far from being the permanent records our forefathers hoped would last forever </p> <p>so I hope my efforts over the past years in photographing and transcribing some of the old and not so old Churchyards, Cemeteries </p> <p>and Burial Grounds in Stirlingshire and a few surrounding areas may help to preserve this valuable information before much of it is </p> <p>lost forever. </p> <p>Photographs and complete Monumental Inscriptions available from </p> <p> </p> <p>For details on prices, how to order etc., see Page 28 </p> <p>From the inscription one can see the parents and their children, also that at least one, even if their only daughter, was married. </p> <p>Ages at death can assist in determining not only years of birth, but can indicate the time span over which children were born. </p> <p>On this particular stone, by using only the information on the inscription, the first childs birth (John) would have been in 1851, </p> <p>the last child (Samuel) in 1867, so this couples family were born over at least a 15 year period. </p> <p>This information provides enough detail to make internet searches both faster and more economical particularly as the </p> <p>Marshall Family would appear on both the 1851 and 1861 Scottish Census Returns. </p> <p>This stone shows the common practice of repeated use of two particular forenames i.e. John and James. </p> <p>Erected by William Marshall </p> <p>In memory of his children </p> <p>JOHN died in 1853 aged 2 years </p> <p>JOHN died in 1855 aged 2 years </p> <p>JAMES died 20th August 1857 aged 2 years </p> <p>JAMES died 8th July 1871 aged 21 months </p> <p>And his son SAMUEL MARSHALL </p> <p>Died 3rd</p> <p> August 1888 aged 21 years </p> <p>And his son WILLIAM MARSHALL </p> <p>Died 19th September 1898 aged 38 years </p> <p>Also his daughter MARION MARSHALL </p> <p>Wife of Alexander Rankin </p> <p>Died 25th March 1901 aged 36 years </p> <p>The above WILLIAM MARSHALL </p> <p>Died 9th June 1901 aged 74 years </p> <p>Also his wife JANET ROBERTSON </p> <p>Died 8th December 1910 aged 84 years </p> <p>Mem</p> <p>ento</p> <p>-Mor</p> <p>i</p> <p> 3 </p> <p>Holy Rude Churchyard Index </p> <p>Where possible and legible, Maiden Names and Married Names have been listed as separate entries, e.g. </p> <p>Smith, Jane (nee Jones) - Married Name being Smith, Maiden Name or nee, Jones </p> <p>Jones, Jane (Smith) - Maiden Name being Jones, Married Name, Smith </p> <p>On occasion where only a year has been entered on the following Index, this refers to a year inscribed on the stone. It may not necessarily be the date of death of one of the individuals concerned, </p> <p>but could be the date of purchase of the lair, or the date on which the stone was erected. </p> <p> Should only initials appear on inscriptions, these are usually the initials of husband and wife. </p> <p>Often there is more than one stone to the same family or couple and the Initials can then be verified. (Women very rarely being referred to by their Married Name) </p> <p> Died or </p> <p> Date of Age at Killed </p> <p> Name Death Death in War </p> <p>1 D A M A 1763 </p> <p>2 ABERCROMBIE, Elizabeth (Burden) 12.02.1837 </p> <p>3 ABERCROMBY, Margaret (Maloch) 26.02.1867 </p> <p>4 ABERCROMBY, Mary 20.12.1878 </p> <p>5 ADAM, Catherine (nee McNie) 23.08.1850 63 </p> <p>6 ADAM, Mary Kemp (Greig) 30.08.1950 78 </p> <p>7 ADAM, Thomas 29.12.1859 76 </p> <p>8 AITKEN, Elisabeth (Buchannan) </p> <p>9 AITKEN, Mary (Stuart) 21.09.1907 81 </p> <p>10 ALEXANDER, Edward </p> <p>11 ALEXANDER, Elizabeth (nee Gibb?) </p> <p>12 ALEXANDER, James 1754 60 </p> <p>13 ALEXANDER, James 1805 77 </p> <p>14 ALEXANDER, John </p> <p>15 ALEXANDER, Robert </p> <p>16 ANDERSON, Agnes Towers 29.06.1916 </p> <p>17 ANDERSON, Ann Taylor (Mc/MacAree) 07.03.1921 69 </p> <p>18 ANDERSON, Catherine (Richardson) 30.08.1849 </p> <p>19 ANDERSON, George 11.1941 </p> <p>20 ANDERSON, Helen 01.03.1907 </p> <p>21 ANDERSON, Jane 20.08.1887 </p> <p>22 ANDERSON, Jane (nee Glas) 1831 </p> <p>23 ANDERSON, Jane Glas 08.1829 </p> <p>24 ANDERSON, Jane Glas 28.07.1856 </p> <p>25 ANDERSON, Janet McFarlane (Wilson) 25.04.1905 65 </p> <p>26 ANDERSON, John 1826 </p> <p>27 ANDERSON, John 05.03.1913 </p> <p>28 ANDERSON, John 27.02.1834 </p> <p>29 ANDERSON, Margaret 08.1844 </p> <p>30 ANDERSON, Mary (nee Carmichael) 15.12.1833 </p> <p>31 ANDERSON, Mary Magdalene 1816 </p> <p>32 ANDERSON, Mary Downie 12.07.1856 </p> <p>33 ANDERSON, Thomas 31.01.1883 </p> <p>34 ANDERSON, Thomasina 01.06.1858 </p> <p>35 ANGUS, Mary (Baird) 28.12.1838 89 </p> <p>36 ARCHIBALD, Jessie </p> <p>37 ARCHIBALD, Mary (nee Hosie) 30.12.1886 73 </p> <p>38 ARCHIBALD, Mary Ann </p> <p>39 ARCHIBALD, Michael 02.03.1876 63 </p> <p>40 ARCHIBALD, William </p> <p>41 ARMSTRONG, Alexander 17.05.1970 57 Mem</p> <p>ento</p> <p>-Mor</p> <p>i</p> <p> 4 </p> <p>42 ARMSTRONG, Hugh 11.10.1977 20 </p> <p>43 ARMSTRONG, Hugh </p> <p>44 ARMSTRONG, Margaret (nee Crawford) 20.04.1968 78 </p> <p>45 ARMSTRONG, Margaret (nee Duncan) </p> <p>46 A B 1724 </p> <p>47 A B I Mc 1749 </p> <p>48 I B K M 1710 </p> <p>49 M B C M 1739 </p> <p>50 BAIRD, Alexander 01.08.1802 20 </p> <p>51 BAIRD, Alexander 15.01.1838 </p> <p>52 BAIRD, Christian 24.05.1857 69 </p> <p>53 BAIRD, Colin Infancy </p> <p>54 BAIRD, Elizabeth (nee Smith) 15.01.1838 </p> <p>55 BAIRD, James 04.07.1804 75 </p> <p>56 BAIRD, James 05.09.1848 70 </p> <p>57 BAIRD, Mary 19.04.1843 64 </p> <p>58 BAIRD, Mary (nee Angus) 28.12.1838 89 </p> <p>59 BAIRD, Patrick 21.10.1842 61 </p> <p>60 BAIRD, Robert 30.05.1821 36 </p> <p>61 BAKER, Anne Robertson 05.08.1891 24 </p> <p>62 BAKER, Anne (nee Robertson) 22.03.1876 36 </p> <p>63 BAKER, Donald Campbell 09.05.1889 1y 2m </p> <p>64 BAKER, Edmond 05.08.1926 64 </p> <p>65 BAKER, L. </p> <p>66 BAKER, Leonard 20.09.1911 36 </p> <p>67 BAKER, Margaret Robertson (nee Mitchell) 24.01.1944 </p> <p>68 BALFOUR, Agnes Frame (Oliphant) 29.05.1855 49 </p> <p>69 BALFOUR, George Edmond 29.07.1869 48 </p> <p>70 BALFOUR, George Keith 08.08.1820 </p> <p>71 BALFOUR, Isabella (nee Edmond) 10.10.1836 48 </p> <p>72 BALFOUR, Isabella (nee Edmond) 14.01.1887 67 </p> <p>73 BALFOUR, Jane Thomson Edmond (Pryce?) 30.04.1899 72 </p> <p>74 BALFOUR, Robert 30.01.1847 74 </p> <p>75 BALFOUR, Robert 27.10.1875 53 </p> <p>76 BALFOUR, Thomas 10.04.1842 74 </p> <p>77 BANKS, Patricia (Chrystal) 02.12.1857 58 </p> <p>78 BANKS, Robert </p> <p>79 BEATH, Andrew 1879 77 </p> <p>80 BEATH, Andrew William </p> <p>81 BEATH, Ann Elizabeth Sinclair (nee Mckenzie) 1861 61 </p> <p>82 BEATH, Catherine Fenella </p> <p>83 BEATH, Charles Edward </p> <p>84 BEATH, Eric McKenzie 21.07.1894 2 </p> <p>85 BEATH, Jessie Helen </p> <p>86 BEATH, John Henry 03.12.1904 69 </p> <p>87 BEATH, Mary Stewart (nee Trench) 18.11.1934 77 </p> <p>88 BEATH, William Alexander </p> <p>89 BEATON, Hannah Page 08.1988 </p> <p>90 BEATON, Isabella (Oosterhuis) 11.04.1988 </p> <p>91 BEATON, Joan MacDonald (nee Mackieson) 15.05.1959 </p> <p>92 BEATON, John 11.02.1984 </p> <p>93 BEATON, John W. K. 01.2005 </p> <p>94 BEITH, Alexander </p> <p>95 BEITH, Alexander Stewart Infancy </p> <p>96 BEITH, Anne Eliza Infancy </p> <p>97 BEITH, Graham Speirs Infancy </p> <p>98 BELL, Hellen (nee Page) 11.11.1920 42 </p> <p>99 BELL, Jessie (Murray) 23.01.1890 65 </p> <p>100 BENNET?, Elizabeth (nee Chrystal?) 20.03.1893 67 Mem</p> <p>ento</p> <p>-Mor</p> <p>i</p> <p> 5 </p> <p>101 BENNETT, Elizabeth Smith (Findlay) 03.03.1891 </p> <p>102 BENNIE, Agnes Mary </p> <p>103 BENNIE, Anne Young (Bray) 14.11.1893 65 </p> <p>104 BENNIE, Archibald 24.09.1844 47 </p> <p>105 BENNIE, Archibald 21.09.1846 46 </p> <p>106 BENNIE, Eliza 24.02.1834 Infancy </p> <p>107 BENNIE, Eliza (nee Noble) 25.11.1867 69 </p> <p>108 BILLINGHAM, Molly Prest (Crawford) 29.05.2001 93 </p> <p>109 BIRCH, Elizabeth Adam (nee Paton) 09.12.1833 41 </p> <p>110 BIRCH, Isabella (Stewart?) 20.04.1850 26 </p> <p>111 BIRCH, Nathan Cave 16.12.1822 6m </p> <p>112 BIRCH, Nathan Cave 21.02.1840 48 </p> <p>113 BIRRELL, Mary Ann (Turner) 31.10.1962 90 </p> <p>114 BLACKWOOD, Jane Campbell (Drummond) 20.08.1910 85 </p> <p>115 BLAIR, Alexander </p> <p>116 BLAIR, Christina (Chrystal) 24.10.1868 28 </p> <p>117 BLAIR, David </p> <p>118 BLAIR, James Sharp 05.03.1913 23 </p> <p>119 BLAIR, Jane (nee Hodge) 06.04.1924 56 </p> <p>120 BLAIR, Janet (Runciman) 10.06.1824 68 </p> <p>121 BOW, Bethia (nee Key) 20.09.1860 64 </p> <p>122 BOW, Bethia Key 11.02.1893 63 </p> <p>123 BOW, Ebenezer 12.03.1870 81 </p> <p>124 BOW, Ebenezer 03.07.1838 5y 11m </p> <p>125 BOW, Helen 20.07.1844 24 </p> <p>126 BOW, Isabella K. 13.07.1838 14 </p> <p>127 BOW, Janet K. 23.12.1838 6m </p> <p>128 BOW, Mary 14.01.1890 55 </p> <p>129 BOW, Robert K. 30.07.1826 8m </p> <p>130 BOW, William 15.05.1852 30 </p> <p>131 BOWIE, Peter </p> <p>132 BOYD, Alexander </p> <p>133 BOYD, Anne G. (nee Stephenson) </p> <p>134 BRAY, Anne Young (nee Bennie) 14.11.1893 65 </p> <p>135 BRAY, Joseph </p> <p>136 BREMNER, James 10.03.1874 17 </p> <p>137 BREMNER, Janet (nee Wylie) 04.08.1901 82 </p> <p>138 BREMNER, Peter 12.11.1874 19 </p> <p>139 BREMNER, Robert 24.05.1873 72 </p> <p>140 BREMNER, Robert 27.10.1891 5 </p> <p>141 BREMNER, Thomas 20.04.1916 22 WW1 </p> <p>142 BROUN/BROWN, Grace 04.1839 81 </p> <p>143 BROUN/BROWN, Janet (nee Chalmers) </p> <p>144 BROUN/BROWN, Robert </p> <p>145 BROWN, Ebenezer </p> <p>146 BROWN, Isabella (nee McDougal) 1870 69 </p> <p>147 BROWN, Janet (Hill) 27.10.1860 </p> <p>148 BROWN, John </p> <p>149 BRUCE, Archibald 11.06.1824 37 </p> <p>150 BRUCE, Charlotte Elizabeth Henderson (McAree) 29.07.1965 66 </p> <p>151 BRYMER, Isobella (Grant) 1800 </p> <p>152 BUCHAN, Marey (Morrison) 1808 </p> <p>153 BUCHANNAN, Andrew </p> <p>154 BUCHANNAN, Elisabeth (nee Aitken) </p> <p>155 BURD, John 26.04.1831 </p> <p>156 BURDEN, Ann (nee Eadie) 27.09.1884 59 </p> <p>157 BURDEN, Ann (nee McLay) 27.10.1820 </p> <p>158 BURDEN, Elizabeth (nee Abercrombie) 12.02.1837 </p> <p>159 BURDEN, Isabella (nee McAllan) 14.11.1825 Mem</p> <p>ento</p> <p>-Mor</p> <p>i</p> <p> 6 </p> <p>160 BURDEN?, Isabella (McNicol?) 27.07.1907 81 </p> <p>161 BURDEN, James 28.07.1863 68 </p> <p>162 BURDEN, Janet (Liddel) 11.10.1870 42 </p> <p>163 BURDEN, John 09.07.1852 33 </p> <p>164 BURDEN, Margaret (nee Rae) 01.01.1875 24 </p> <p>165 BURDEN, Mary (nee McLay) 21.01.1861 62 </p> <p>166 BURDEN, Peter 22.12.1833 15m </p> <p>167 BURDEN, Peter 23.11.1843 </p> <p>168 BURDEN, Peter 04.02.1829 </p> <p>169 BURDEN, William 25.04.1904 67 </p> <p>170 BURGESS, Elizabeth (Christie) 14.01.1884 78 </p> <p>171 A C (Cunningham) 1820 </p> <p>172 B C (Cunningham) 1820 </p> <p>173 C C (Cunningham) 1820 </p> <p>174 D C M McN 1760 </p> <p>175 I C (Cunningham) 1820 </p> <p>176 CAMERON, Christina (White) 05.05.1848 </p> <p>177 CAMPBELL, Alexander </p> <p>178 CAMPBELL, Anna Yeates (nee Porteous) 02.03.1902 90 </p> <p>179 CAMPBELL, Anne 28.10.1883 76 </p> <p>180 CAMPBELL, Catherine Somerville (Dick) 30.07.1917 75 </p> <p>181 CAMPBELL, Duncan </p> <p>182 CAMPBELL, Eneas </p> <p>183 CAMPBELL, James Lochy </p> <p>184 CAMPBELL, Jessie (Forbes) 12.12.1841 76 </p> <p>185 CAMPBELL, John 13.08.1922 72 </p> <p>186 CAMPBELL, Marion (nee Hay) 07.1802 </p> <p>187 CAMPBELL, Mary 28.04.1891 79 </p> <p>188 CAMPBELL, Mary (nee Hasluck) 01.01.1851 </p> <p>189 CAMPBELL, Mary Jane (nee Wingate) 10.01.1862 </p> <p>190 CAMPBELL, Mary Margaret (MacMillan/McMillan) 05.02.1873 </p> <p>191 CAMPBELL, Minnie 23.02.1921 67 </p> <p>192 CAMPBELL, Robert 30.06.1803 64 </p> <p>193 CAMPBELL, Robert 04.07.1849 </p> <p>194 CAMPBELL, Robert 22.05.1879 71 </p> <p>195 CAMPBELL, Robert 02.01.1913 29 </p> <p>196 CAMPBELL, Susan (Palmer) 19.09.1829 27 </p> <p>197 CARGILL, Agnes S. 05.11.1896 </p> <p>198 CARMICHAEL, Jane (Dunsmore) 07.10.1925 78 </p> <p>199 CARMICHAEL, Mary (Anderson) 15.12.1833 </p> <p>200 CHALMERS, Janet (Broun/Brown) </p> <p>201 CHERRY, Elizabeth (Denovan) 08.12.1907 79 </p> <p>202 CHRISTIE, Alexander 28.08.1875 45 </p> <p>203 CHRISTIE, Elizabeth (nee Burgess) 14.01.1884 78 </p> <p>204 CHRISTIE, Elizabeth (Meffan) 04.08.1877 </p> <p>205 CHRISTIE, Helen 07.08.1825 5 </p> <p>206 CHRISTIE, Helen (Greig) 10.06.1903 65 </p> <p>207 CHRISTIE, James 08.10.1836 2 </p> <p>208 CHRISTIE, Janet (nee Tower[s]) 30.08.1891 96 </p> <p>209 CHRISTIE, John 22.08.1840 45 </p> <p>210 CHRISTIE, John 22.07.1889 13y 3m </p> <p>211 CHRISTIE, John </p> <p>212 CHRISTIE, Lilias (Kinross) 09.03.1878 87 </p> <p>213 CHRISTIE, Michael 07.07.1836 2 </p> <p>214 CHRISTIE, Robert 07.07.1836 4 </p> <p>215 CHRISTIE, William 14.11.1889 66 </p> <p>216 CHRYSTAL, Andrew </p> <p>217 CHRYSTAL, Christina (nee Blair) 24.10.1868 28 </p> <p>218 CHRYSTAL, Christina (nee Monteath) 19.05.1868 Mem</p> <p>ento</p> <p>-Mor</p> <p>i</p> <p> 7 </p> <p>219 CHRYSTAL, Christina Elizabeth 08.12.1856 3y 7m </p> <p>220 CHRYSTAL, David 1817 34 </p> <p>221 CHRYSTAL, Elizabeth (Bennet?) 20.03.1893 67 </p> <p>222 CHRYSTAL, George Gray 14.11.1844 11m </p> <p>223 CHRYSTAL, James 1826 71 </p> <p>224 CHRYSTAL, James 02.1843 1y 2m </p> <p>225 CHRYSTAL, James 05.01.1857 46 </p> <p>226 CHRYSTAL, James 04.09.1852 55 </p> <p>227 CHRYSTAL, James 17.01.1890 59 </p> <p>228 CHRYSTAL, Jane 29.08.1863 10m </p> <p>229 CHRYSTAL, Jean 1871 83 </p> <p>231 CHRYSTAL, Jemima (Dewar) 24.08.1878 </p> <p>232 CHRYSTAL, John Monteath </p> <p>233 CHRYSTAL, Mary 19.03.1865 37 </p> <p>234 CHRYSTAL, Mary (nee Wardrobe) 1822 67 </p> <p>235 CHRYSTAL, Patricia (nee Banks) 02.12.1857 58 </p> <p>236 CLARK, Margaret (McAree) 19.02.1919 55 </p> <p>237 COLVILLE, Elizabeth (nee Kerr?) </p> <p>238 COLVILLE, Thomas 19.02.1851 </p> <p>239 COLVILLE, Son 25.03.1839 Infancy </p> <p>240 COLQUHOUN, Agnes (Sconce) 23.04.1840 29 </p> <p>241 COLQUHOUN, J. (Mrs.) </p> <p>242 COMRIE, Hellen (nee Smart) 1840 </p> <p>243 COMRIE, James 1840 </p> <p>244 CONDIE, Janet (Young) 23.12.1929 67 </p> <p>245 COWAN, James 06.1852 </p> <p>246 COWAN, Janet (nee Stewart) 09.1851 </p> <p>247 COWAN, Mary (McDonald) 10.1863 </p> <p>248 COWAN(E), John 1633 63 </p> <p>249 CRAWFORD, Andrew 1837 </p> <p>250 CRAWFORD, Hellen (nee Wright) 1837 </p> <p>251 CRAWFORD, John Chalmers 15.05.1973 70 </p> <p>252 CRAWFORD, Margaret (Armstrong) 20.04.1968 78 </p> <p>253 CRAWFORD, Molly Prest (nee Billingham) 29.05.2001 93 </p> <p>254 CRAWFORD, Sheila Mary (McCrae) 29.12.1984 38 </p> <p>255 CROCKET, Alexander 18.09.1866 73 </p> <p>256 CROCKET, Jean Infancy </p>...


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