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Make your traveling experience an enjoyable and pleasurable one by spending much less amount of money.


  • 1. You can make your travelling experience an enjoyable and pleasurable one by spending much less amount of money. Here are some tips, which will help you save a lot of your hard-earned cash.

2. Book A Cheap Accommodation Dont spend much on your accommodation. Make sure you do not spend more than what you have as your budget for hotel rooms. Book a room in a budget hotel. Opt for the last minute hotel deals or look for websites that offer their rooms on deals or discounts. You can also stay in your friends or relatives place. 3. Arrange for Tickets in Advance Whether you are planning to travel by bus, train or flight, make sure you book your tickets at least 30 days in advance. Book afternoon or late morning flights rather than late night or early morning ones. Use yatra coupons to save money on your tickets. 4. Weigh and Measure The Luggage Measure the luggage before leaving for the airport. Be sure that the luggage is below the size and weight restrictions that are imposed by the airline. 5. Use Public Transport While travelling around the city, use public transport like buses, trains and trams. Be acquainted with the car rental pricings. Find out if any car hire agency is offering any deals and then check out if that deal is suiting your need. Always go for a diesel car and book it in advance. 6. If you want to experience the same place spending lesser money, travel off-season. Dont ever book tickets during school holidays. Travel after December-January. At the most you can use yatra coupon codes if you want to travel during the peak season. These are the five important tips, which you should keep in your mind if you plan to travel. 7. For Other Great Offers and Coupon Codes: Visit: