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Publishers have responded to the demand for access to content via mobile devices, but done so in an inconsistant manner, with a range of apps and sites with different content, a variety of authentication issues and usability problems. This session will highlight Jisc work to surface these issues to publishers.


  • 1. Authentication and usability UK federation manager 19/03/2014 Mobile resource problems:
  • 2. Mobile resource problems About Jisc The situation Work done already The problems Sector requirements Solutions 2
  • 3. About Jisc Covers UK HE, Research (and FE, equiv of community college) National broadband network for education (Janet, UK equiv of Internet 2) UK access management federation (equiv is InCommon) Jisc Collections - Central licensing R&D in library and IT 3
  • 4. 4 Time Use mobile desktop The situation: A tipping point
  • 5. Links Jo Alcock, (Jisc M-library community support project), Evidence Base, BirminghamCity University., , @joeyanne Claire Koch, University of Surrey,, @claire_joanne Claire Gravely, University of Surrey, , @library_claire Keren Mills, (MACON: Mobilising Academic Content Online), OU, @mirya Ben Showers, Jisc,, @benshowers MarkWilliams, Janet, 5 Contributors
  • 6. MACON project 6
  • 7. MobileTechnology in Libraries 7
  • 8. Library Success Wiki 8
  • 9. The problem Massive growth of the use of mobile devices Publishers respond to demand for apps Publishers respond in many different ways Response breaks existing models of: Discovery & research pedagogy Authentication Application usability Content usability Licensing 9 A response to demand
  • 10. Library issues: Discovery Discovery Following aVLE link Via a mobile optimised library site ViaGoogle - would you like to download an app Silosation of content via apps Mobile Consumption device or a discovery device 10 Difficult and interfering with the pedagogy
  • 11. Library issues: Authentication Authentication Federated login (institutional login) - WAYFLESS urls?? IP - Access via this app is IP only connect to your campus Mobile?? Activation key (Desktop created or publisher sent) - Often need to be on campus Facebook, Google etc Secure? Device twinning Time limited and often needs advance warning The authentication and discovery Mobius strip 11 Inconsistent & confusing
  • 12. Library issues: Mobius 12
  • 13. Library issues: Maze 13
  • 14. Library issues: Square one 14
  • 15. Library issues: Discovery 15 A pity because:
  • 16. Library issues: Discovery & authentication JISC UBIRD study Users often dont move onto an alternative authorative resource 16 Results of failure in the Discovery to download phase
  • 17. Library issues: Application & content usability Off line or online access? Content reflow Crashing.Redirect links (breaks mobile browsers) Content or marketing fluff Loss of library led walled garden wild west of apps W3C 17 Poor experience
  • 18. Library issues: Licensing Apps Free? Pay? Double dip? Is it extra / new content? Counter Stats? Does student know if content is available via institutional subscription Full content? Meeting Model licence standards? Export / Download? 18 Already a subscriber
  • 19. What libraries want: A manifesto for mobile Simple, consistent and clear login experiences No crashes Mobile adapted content not Apps Cross platform compatibility - ( LBJ library your iphone ) Transfer across devices Continuity - apps appear and then disappear - idea of life cycle Core product not just a value added, USE ATYOUR OWN RISK offering 19 Wish list
  • 20. Way forward:Working with libraries & publishers Two Jisc workshops Oversubscribed Exactly right audiences Near unanimous agreement on problems & possible solutions Highlight standards for developing for mobile. Best practice Exemplar content development by Jisc New standards? NISO / EPUB? Authorative Wiki on mobile resources Jisc Collections Criteria Self declared questionnaire / completed Comment moderated and reviewed by Jisc and publisher invited to comment Epub support grid, Library success wiki as examples International 20
  • 21. 21 Way forward: Criteria building App, web app or mobile site compliance definitions: App or Web app? Platform compatibility Mobile browser auto-detect Mobile url Mobile federation WAYF Embedded federation discovery Direct url access to content (VLE links etc) Content availability (full, partial) Authentication methods Site usability Content usability (what standards do we use) Cross platform portability
  • 22. 22Opportunities Barriers Who Increase access and usage Focus on specific mobile issues Discoverability- see in a list Use for discussions between publishers and societies Help product development Publishers would have access to more direct Feedback Conversation with users Publisher checklist Credible, objective ratings Consolidate list of requirements and best practice and provide targets for product development Could prove model for communication about standards for other products Subjectivity Cost Legacy content hard to represent People who dont have to the resource rating and commenting Criteria too library focused rather than end user focused Lack of opportunity to respond to negative comments Too UK focused Too much work to keep up with comments and responses Fear of buyers being put off by negative ratings Lack of standards / is there a community census of criteria and requirements in UK /globally Resource available to complete form so make it clear what is high priority Initial set up by one organisation Content crowd sourced with guidance from the initiator Libraries /Jisc determine checklist criteria Publishers provide factual data Users/libraries/crowd sourcing provide ratings Moderation by independent groups Publisher owns checklist Right of reply ISO /NISO? working group to establish criteria up to date and maintain criteria contribution to assessing products from libraries and users Who represents end users? Libraries? Publishers/ student bodies UK but have global agenda Where?: In one central place, open, backed up and easy to edit globally. Jisc?
  • 23. 23 Ultimate aim publishers can closely engage and work with libraries to ensure that they are producing a product that meets the needs of users
  • 24. Discussion Is this go the way to go? Any mobile problems not mentioned? Any US specific issues we need to think about? Who should Jisc work with in US? 24 Questions


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