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In this deck, we discuss why mobile app and mobile usability is SO important, how it relates to customer loyalty ... and ultimately, how it relates to the 3 primary drivers of revenue growth. We speak a bit on Mob4Hire's approach to mobile usability using it's crowd of 53,000 mobile experts in 154 countries with our MobExperience research service, and we also review a technique called "Townhalls" which can be used in face to face focus groups.


  • 1. What is Usability?
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2. Intro to mob4hire
3. 53K mobile users on 417 carriers in 154 countries
3,000 developers, brands and researchers from 92 countries

  • Build, Test and Measure mobile apps and websites

4. Effective across all platforms and brands of mobile devices 5. Professional Services team run projects on behalf of customers; use crowd-sourcing for global reach, scale & efficiency