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Section: M com 2 Group # B Marketing ProjectGroup leader Sajid nawaz

MembersHumair anwar Rana zaighamSaima aslam

Mitchells Fruit Farms ltd.


Established in 1933 by Francis.J.Mitchel The most recognizable breakfast and daily routine product of household

Increased productivity but maintained quality

Largest company of Pakistan and is leading all other markets brands

Product Brand name Mitchells balance waterLogo

Mitchells Balance WaterNew product introduced by Mitchells fruit Farm

Balance waterIntroductionIt was launch by Mitchells Fruit Farm which changes the need of consumer and their shifting towards hygienic product like water. Mitchells launch natural drinking water

Current Market PositionMitchells products are highly appreciated by the trade and the relevant consumers.High standardMany Multi-National and National Companies have entered the competition.The quantity wise share of Mitchells balance water has not appreciated much in the last five years

New Product development ActivityPrimary ProductQuality TestMarket TestModificationCommercialization

Product Life CycleGrowthMaturityDeclineMarketing Strategies'Pull strategy Push strategy

BrandingThe company name with a product name Brand for Market SaturationCore values in customer eyesStrong parent company

Promotional MixAdvertisementSales PromotionPublic RelationPublicity Good Communication

Target MarketEducational InstituteOffices & BanksGovt SectorsHotels and RestaurantsTransporters

Brief summaryCurrent market reviewProduct reviewCompetitor reviewDistribution reviewFinancial review

Packing Designing Label Color +

SWOT Analysis

StrengthIts price is low but its quality is superiorIts management is committed and confidentIts performance is superior as compared to its competitorBalance has lot customer list


Distribution system is not satisfactoryCustomer list is not testedDelivery staff need trainingNeed more sale peoples


Can surprise competitorIntroduce new productsProfit margins will be goodCould seek better supply deals


Its market demand is seasonalEnvironmental conditions is not in its favor because customer likes competitor product more e.g. nestle.Political instabilityRetention of key staff


It was very consuming product as compared to its competitor product Mitchell balance is failed due to its inefficient distribution channel and also their sales men are also untrainedCompany should be removed these factors to retouched this product to achieve the desire goals

Sheet1NAMESOURCETIMINGTOTTALTV ADDGEO,MASSALA,ARY DIGITAL,LOCAL AREA CABLE NETWORK7to9 geo,10to12am masalla,8to9ary,whole day lacb7660000news papernai baat, jang,nwai waqat,expressjang on sandy,express Friday,nwai waqat on Sunday,nai baat on monday700000bill boardsthokar lhr,pc lhr,okara bypass,renala bypassone month440000poasters and pumfilletsgeneral publicno limit30000steamersroadsone month200000radio addsfm92,105,106.6boom6 month220000advertisers feegillani advertiser company5000009750000total