Mind your heart and hearten your mind

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Know when to use the heart and when to use the mind


1. http://www.thoughtperhour.com/ 2. Know where to appeal Nobody expects the brain to behave well. People just appeal to the heart. In the end, it is the heart that hoists the white flag. http://www.thoughtperhour.com/ 3. Know where to follow instinct Gut-feeling is the hearts way to shut-up the mind! Follow it when the tried ways are proven average. http://www.thoughtperhour.com/ 4. Know where to strike Let yourmantrabe empathy with concrete action. The person who rules is invariably the one who balms the heart and organizes the mind.http://www.thoughtperhour.com/ 5. Know where to cause The difference between the heart and the mind is this: One does not listen after speaking a no and the other works to define the yes. Own your no and cause your yes. http://www.thoughtperhour.com/ 6. Know where to keep mum Control your fears of the future, and do not drag the past with you. Remember, a defensive mind and a hurt heart can argue well but rarely deliver good.http://www.thoughtperhour.com/ 7. Know where to improve Use the heart to paint the horizon, and the mind to improve possibilities. http://www.thoughtperhour.com/ 8. Know where to correct The cause of a heart attack is the mind that thinks and not the heart that suffers. Think positive, and the suffering shall die. http://www.thoughtperhour.com/ 9. Know how to rule A clean heart and a determined mind can overcome all obstacles. http://www.thoughtperhour.com/ 10. Feel heart, control mind!!!!! For hourly thoughts on various subjects, seehttp://www.thoughtperhour.com/


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