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Miley Cyrus We cant stop

Miley Cyrus We cant stopBy tatum evans

CostumeThe white fur coat is worn to create power but also concludes style. Red lipstick contrasts with the rest of the costume which is white. Red shows danger. Hair is blonde at the top into a quiff and shaven as the sides. Therefore, its unusual and makes her stand out.

Costume Miley wears jewellery made from mainly gold, creating the image of her having money as she doesnt wear cheap jewels.

Location Sitting on a ledge looking out towards the sunset identifies Miley as adventurous.

The large door windows, and the slight view we can see shows that it is a big house, therefore demonstrates wealth.

Props By having an ankle monitor on it symbolises crime. By using big red scissors to take off the monitor shows that she doesnt take it seriously. However, the floral duvet covers conflict a gangster feel of the music video.