Microcredentialing: Recognizing Student Learning with Digital Badges

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<p>Quality Online Course Series: Learning Objectives &amp; Assessments</p> <p>Microcredentialing: Recognizing Student Learning with Digital Badges</p> <p>1</p> <p>Presenters</p> <p>Cameron WillsResearch Associatecwills@niu.edu@MetaWills</p> <p>Stephanie RichterAssistant Directorsrichter@niu.edu@slrichter</p> <p>2</p> <p>Slides available at facdev.niu.edu/slate15badges</p> <p>The landscape of learning is changing</p> <p>4</p> <p>Why Microcredentialing?</p> <p>5</p> <p>What are Badges?Visual representations of achievements, learning, skills, interests, &amp; competencies</p> <p>So what are badges? A recent definition from the Open Badges movement, which Ill talk more about in a moment, describes badges as visual representations of achievements, learning, skills, interests, &amp; competencies. 6</p> <p>Digital Badge</p> <p>an online record of achievement, tracking the recipients communities of interaction that issued the badge and the work completed to get it</p> <p>(The Mozilla Foundation &amp; Peer 2 Peer University, 2012)</p> <p>7</p> <p>Digital Badges Examples </p> <p>Digital Badges Examples </p> <p>Badge Alliance</p> <p>Key is student OWNERSHIP of learning12</p> <p>MicrocredentialAwarded on the acquisition of specific knowledge or demonstrated competency of an identified skill</p> <p>and validated by recognized professional bodies or educational institutions</p> <p>(Elliott et al., 2014)</p> <p>13</p> <p>Badge vs. MicrocredentialSome debate on the differenceFormative vs. summative assessmentIncremental vs. Comprehensive</p> <p>Common terminologyLifecycle Creating &gt; Issuing &gt; Displaying</p> <p>StackingUpgrading badges to higher level achievements</p> <p>EcosystemOverall badging architecture, including badges, platforms, and paths for earning</p> <p>15</p> <p>Challenges to AdoptionValueDo badges/microcredentials mean anything? Do employers value them?</p> <p>TrustAre issuers valid? Does the recipient deserve the badge? </p> <p>EquivalencyHow do badges compare to certificates or degrees?</p> <p>16</p> <p>Mozilla Open Badge BackpackRepository for saving badgesFramework for displaying badges</p> <p>Learn more at openbadges.org</p> <p>17</p> <p>Step 1: Create a Mozilla Persona AccountGo to backpack.openbadges.org/Click Log In or Sign Up Enter your information</p> <p>TIP: Choose an email address you can check during this session</p> <p>18</p> <p>Step 2: Give us your email addressGo to facdev.niu.edu/slate15claimbadgeEnter your name and the email address you used for your Mozilla account</p> <p>Note: Personal information will only be used to distribute the badges</p> <p>19</p> <p>Using Microcredentials in Teaching</p> <p>20</p> <p>Why Use Badges?</p> <p>RecognitionMotivation</p> <p>21</p> <p>ETR 531 Educational Program Evaluation 12-week Graduate level course </p> <p>Students working toward M.S. Ed in Instructional Technology</p> <p>Badges rewarded students for mastering evaluation concepts</p> <p>Badges for ETR 531</p> <p>Evaluation Measures Mastery</p> <p>Disability in Society MOOC</p> <p>Perspectives on Disability10-week Massive Open Online Course(MOOC)</p> <p>Instead of grades, participants earned badges</p> <p>Badges for Perspectives on Disability</p> <p>Week 1</p> <p>Week 10</p> <p>Lessons learnedStudents liked the badges &amp; certificate</p> <p>Was ideal for providing recognition without grading</p> <p>Easy to set up</p> <p>Discussion How would you use microcredentials or badges in your teaching?</p> <p>Creating and Issuing Badges</p> <p>Formula for Making BadgesImage + metadata = badge</p> <p>Image</p> <p>No secret its just an image</p> <p>Usually square</p> <p>MetadataProves that the badges was earnedValidates the issuer, the criteria, the evidence</p> <p>Metadata is what creates trust in badges</p> <p>Metadata{ "uid": "f2c20", "recipient": { "type": "email", "hashed": true, "salt": "deadsea", "identity": "sha256$c7ef86405ba71b85acd8e2e95166c4b111448089f2e1599f42fe1bba46e865c5" }, "image": "https://example.org/beths-robot-badge.png", "evidence": "https://example.org/beths-robot-work.html", "issuedOn": 1359217910, "badge": "https://example.org/robotics-badge.json", "verify": { "type": "hosted", "url": "https://example.org/beths-robotics-badge.json" } } Learn More About Badge MetaDatawiki.mozilla.org/Badges/Onboarding-Issuer</p> <p>Badge Images</p> <p>Made with PowerPoint</p> <p>Program EvaluationETR 531</p> <p>PROSPECTUS </p> <p>Program EvaluationETR 531</p> <p>LOGIC MODEL</p> <p>Program EvaluationETR 531EVALUATION DESIGN</p> <p>GREAT CONTRIBUTORETR 531Program Evaluation</p> <p>Program EvaluationETR 531</p> <p>MEASURES</p> <p>Program EvaluationETR 531</p> <p>EVALUATION MANAGEMENT</p> <p>Program EvaluationETR 531</p> <p>EVALUATION PLAN</p> <p>Program EvaluationETR 531</p> <p>EVALUATION PRESENTATION</p> <p>Other Tools for Making Badge GraphicsAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopInkscape (free)</p> <p>OpenBadges.me</p> <p>Issuing Badges</p> <p>Tools for Creating MetadataBadgeKitPurdue PassportCredlyBlackboard Achievements</p> <p>Create a Badge with CredlyGo to credly.comClick the Customize This buttonCreate a Credly account if you want to save or issue your badge</p> <p>Accepting a Badge</p> <p>Learn moreMozilla Open Badgeswww.openbadges.org/Badge Alliancewww.badgealliance.org/7 Things You Should Know About Badgeswww.educause.edu/library/resources/7-things-you-should-know-about-badges7 Things You Should Read About Badgeswww.educause.edu/library/resources/7-things-you-should-read-about-badges</p> <p>Questions?</p> <p>Cameron WillsResearch Associatecwills@niu.edu@MetaWills</p> <p>Stephanie RichterAssistant Directorsrichter@niu.edu@slrichter</p> <p>Slides available at facdev.niu.edu/slate15badges</p> <p>45</p>