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The Mullen High School Foundation Heroic Vow campaign supports tuition assistance, technology enhancements, educational support needs, planned giving, scholarship opportunities and general day-today needs of Mullen High School.



    The Year of Building Bridges


  • On November 21, 1691, our founder,

    St. John Baptist de La Salle, along with

    Brothers Nicolas Vuyart and Gabriel

    Drolin were at a crossroads. They started

    the Institute of the Brothers of the

    Christian Schools and were providing a

    free education to students in France.

    The Brothers did not distinguish in their

    admissions between poor and non-poor.

    All were welcome. The idea of a mission to

    provide a Christian education to all was

    counter-cultural for that time and met

    with considerable opposition. The hostility

    and pressure to abandon the mission was


    On this day in November, the three

    Brothers came together and took what

    is known today as the Heroic Vow.

    These men dedicated themselves to

    each other and to their common mission.

    Fast forward three hundred years to today,

    and Lasallian schools across the world

    are the beneficiaries of these three men

    and their Heroic Vow. The glue that

    has served to hold together the mission

    of the Christian Brothers has been this vow

    to serve the poor through education,

    Together and by Association.

  • Mullen High School and its studentshave achieved many significant accomplishments!

    Our faculty has implemented Mullens nationally recognized 1:1 learning platform with glowing praise. Our students continue to produce outstanding results in the classroom, on the athletic fields and in the arts.

    Whereas for many of us, our children remind us daily of the value of a Mullen education, the Mullen Foundation was established two years ago to ensure thatMullens Lasallian education mission continues to grow and prosper for many yearsto come. Last year the Foundation launched the Heroic Vow Campaign. The campaign generated over $650,000.00 in gifts in less than three months time. This year $200,000.00 has been contributed to the school for the specific development of Mullens scholarship and technology initiatives.

    In 2014, Mullen High School has an extremely bright future, with many programscompeting for capital. In order to support Mullen, its faculty, students and leadership the Foundation has kicked off the...

    Year of Building Bridges

    Our goal is to encourage the entire Mullen community to participate in supportingour school. We know your stewardship response will be overwhelming once you hearand see the impact that Mullen has on our children and our community.

    Lastly we believe in saying THANK YOU! On behalf of the Foundation, we would like to pass along our thank you for your support of Mullen spiritually, financially and for many of you, by the gift of your children.

    Thank you, and Live Jesus in our Hearts Forever!

    Mark Ward Chair of the Mullen High School Foundation, Inc.

    MULLEN FACTS: 98% of the 2013 graduating class attends

    four-year learning institutions.

    The Class of 2013 was offered over $19.5 million in scholarships.

  • Mullen High School Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors

    Chair - Mark WardVice Chair - Blake Hutchison

    Secretary - Katie BarrettTreasurer - Paul Laird

    Directors At Large:Kieran Brady - Robert Brennan - Craig Bowman - Patricia Campbell

    Jeff Case - Sam DePizzol - Buck Hutchison - Rob Joyce - Mary Beth LoeschChris Martinez - Doran Oancia - Dan ODea - David Palladino - Ryan Ross

    Laura Srsich - Carl Unrein - Brandon Willis

    MULLEN FACTS:The last 2 graduating classes

    placed students in 21 of the 25 top U.S. News & World Report Colleges and Universities.

  • Since 2010, Mullen has fostered 13 National Merit Scholar semifinalists, 12 finalists

    and 8 Scholars.

    The Mullen High School Foundation, Inc. was established in December of 2011.

    The Foundation has a 509(a)(3)non-profit status and Mullen High School is the sole beneficiary of the Foundation. This non-profit designation allows for

    giving from corporations, other Foundations and long-term investments.

    The Foundations mission is to expand community outreach on behalf of Mullen High School.

    MULLEN FACTS: In 2012 and 2013, Mullen took top honors in the High School division of

    the World Affairs Challenge.

    Each Mullen graduate provides a minimum of 70 community service hours.

  • There are 5 areas of need at Mullen High School. With your pledge, you may select where your gift is utilized

    or you may simply select unrestricted and be assured your gift will be thoughtfully used and greatly appreciated.


    How, Where and make a

    HEROIC VOWpledge

  • LasallianTECHNOLOGY


    Strength In NumbersEDUCATIONAL



    Sister Brendan JordanSCHOLARSHIP



    TECHNOLOGY FUND Used to enhance current data systems/infrastructure and classroomtechnology needs, along with updating campus safety and security.Professional development is alsopaid for through this fund.

    EDUCATIONAL FUNDFunds tuition assistance, meals,clothing, bus passes, retreat fees,etc., for Mullen students and families in need.

    J.K. MULLEN LEGACYSOCIETY FUNDA planned-giving opportunity forCash, Securities, Bequests, Retirement Plan Assets, IRA, LifeInsurance, etc. Join our foundersJohn and Catherine Mullen, in this enduring legacy.

    SISTER BRENDAN JORDANSCHOLARSHIP FUNDTo honor Sister Brendan and her 38years of service to Mullen students,this fund will build a bridge from Denver area middle schools to MullenHigh School. This fund will provideworthy and exceptional students aMullen High School scholarship of$2000 a year for 4 years.

    UNRESTRICTED FUNDThe area of greatest - and on-going -needs to operate Mullen HighSchool.

  • MULLEN FACTS:Mullen has a nationally recognizedspeech and debate team and is home to a student who has performed at Carnegie Hall.

    Mullen was the first private high school in Denver to implement a1:1 iPad Learning Program. Mullen is among only 3% of high schools in the nation to offer the 1:1 Program

    1/3 of students currently receive some type of tuition assistance The largest tuition assistance range is between $4,000 - $7,000 per year 2014-2015 tuition is $12,500. Our goal is to keep tuition affordable Mullen has won 48 state championships since 2000 Mullen offers 24 athletic programs: 12 for girls / 12 for boys Mullen supports 30 student-driven clubs 90% of Mullen students participate in co-curricular activities Athletics, clubs and the arts are encouraged for all students

    NEED MORE TO CONSIDER BEFORE YOU GIVE?Numbers and percentages are one thing...actually understanding the impact is another.

    The following testimonials will give you an unsolicited view of exactly whatMullen means to some and has provided for others.


  • Since 2010, Mullen has fostered 13 National Merit Scholar semifinalists, 12 finalists

    and 8 Scholars.

    MULLEN FACTS: 75% of Mullen AP students scored a 3 orbetter. 25% received the top score of 5.

    Mullen has fostered 13 National MeritScholar semi-finalists, 12 finalists

    and 8 scholars, since 2010.

    Mullen not only gave me the opportunity for scholarships, but also supported methrough my struggles and moments of insecurity. Family is the most important group ofpeople in a persons life and Mullen was, and will always be, my family.

    Molly Fay - Class of 2010

    In the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle and the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Mullen High School is a

    Catholic college-preparatory school whose graduates embraceGods gift of learning and commit themselves to using

    His teachings in the service of others. Mullens hallmarks are itsexemplary education, its community of faith, its scholastic rigor,

    and its care and vigilance for each student.

    I learned that I am who I am, because of who I was and that I need to work towardswho I want to be. Lasallian education gave me a foundation upon which to build.

    David Wolfson - Class of 2007

  • I am grateful that the education I received atMullen helped to reinforce the importance ofconstantly seeking the truth and being generouswith my life. Mullen is definitely a family.

    Father Brady Wagner - Class of 2000Parochial Vicar, Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center Boulder

    I grew up in a situation where my mother was arrested 11 times during my first year of birthand my father was in prison. The year prior to coming to Mullen, I resided in a 10 X 16 ft.motel room with 8 other people (6 were adult drug-addicts) during my 8th grade year ofschool. Upon my first visit to the school, my grandmother asked my football coach, PeteLevine, "How do you imagine that I will be able to pay for my grandson to attend this fancyschool?" It was a great relief to hear that there was tuition support for me to attend theschool. Attending Mullen High School was a game changer for me. It changed the total trajectory for my life! Growing up in Five Points in Denver, my neighborhood was filled with

    crime, drugs, and hopelessness. Mullen showed me that this didnot have to be my future. Even in the midst of being homeless as a senior attending the school, I received ample support from SisterBrendan and Mullen High School. Today, I am Dr. Tommy A.Watson. This would have not been possible without the support of Mullen High School. I entered the school to learn and left on a mission to serve our world. Your contribution to Mullen HighSchool literally changes lives.

    Dr. Tommy A. Watson - Class of 1992Motivational Coaching Consultant and Author

    My years a