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<ul><li><p>PA</p><p>SS</p><p>ION</p><p>BrandingDesign</p><p>CampaignAdvert is ing</p><p>M E Y S A S E L L A A R T I ABorn in Mojokerto, 21 May 1992L ive in L idah Wetan no 69, Surabayameysasel la14@gmai l .com+6289677014517</p><p>R E S U M E .</p><p>H A R D W O R K E RH Y P E R A C T I V E</p><p>I M A G I N E R L O V E S O M E T I N GN E W</p><p>C R A Z Y P E O P L E</p><p>Short descr ipt ion about me:I a lways ser ious with my own pr inc iples &amp; goals</p></li><li><p>E D U C AT I O N .UNIVERSITAS NEGERI SURABAYA</p><p>Diploma of Graphic Des ign2010 - 2013</p><p>LA</p><p>ST</p><p>SK</p><p>ILL</p><p>S</p><p>SOFT SK ILLSBrandingLogo Des ignCorporate Ident ityConcept DevelopmentVisual Communicat ionI llustrat ionTypography</p><p>HARD SKILLS</p><p>E N J O Y T O S E E A L L O F M Y</p><p>P O R T F O L I O</p><p>E X P E R IE N C E .JR . GRAPHIC DESIGNER</p><p>Skawan Creat ive Agency2013 - 2015 (2 years 3 month)</p><p>GRAPHIC DESIGNERNIN3 Cowork ing Space2015 (2 month)</p><p>FREELANCE DESIGNERSel f Employed2015 (2 month)</p><p>95% 85%</p><p>50%25%</p><p>75%</p></li><li><p>C O R P O R AT EB R A N D I N G</p></li><li><p>BPD Bali is a regional bank based in Bali. The company has a mission to become a regional </p><p>champion and provide the best service to people in Bali. The form of logotype is inspired by Bali aksara that is very close to Balinese people and also Balis </p><p>identity. the typography is made without capital letters to represent BPD Bali as a friendly company </p><p>and has good service to customer. This logo uses green that symbolizes harmony &amp; peace and yellow </p><p>that represents the sun, with the hope thatit will always shine brightly.</p><p>2 0 1 3</p><p>B P D B A L I</p><p>B A N KC O R P O R A T EB R A N D I N G</p><p>Pitching</p></li><li><p>P T A G U N GB U M I A G R OL O G O A P L I C A T I O N</p><p>Collaborate with Raka Bagus</p><p>The new logo consists of two triangular shape like a mountain that represents the focus of the company in achieving every goal. It combines two colors, blue and green, that can provide peace of mind and tranquility. Overall the stationary uses supergraphic line from the logo, simplebut elegant.</p><p>2 0 1 3</p></li><li><p>PT</p><p> GA</p><p>RA</p><p>MIN</p><p>DO</p><p>NE</p><p>SIA</p><p>C O R P O R A T E B R A N D I N GPith ing</p><p>The shape of logogram is tringular which symbolizes the process of making salt from evaporation of sea water by using sunlight. Small triangle in the center is a symbol ofthe processing result.</p><p>There are two colors in the logo, the first is blue that represents the sea and orange that represents the sun as a medium for evaporation.</p><p>2 0 1 3</p></li><li><p>20</p><p>15 N I N 3 </p><p>S P A C EB R A N D I N GThe logo of NIN3 Space was </p><p>created like a space that has many doors to symbolize that </p><p>NIN3 Coworking Space is the main door to collaborate, to </p><p>meet communities, new friend, work partner, connection, </p><p>and new goals. Dynamic but simple for easy application. </p><p>Why Yellow? Because it is the color that communicates the </p><p>strength of youth, the hopeand the creativity.</p></li><li><p>S T A T I O N E R Y</p></li><li><p>This logo was created into the taste of the target market who likes a challenge. The design is unique, wild, dynamic and show the freedom to represent the adventures.</p><p>Its combined with three elements which is sun, wheel, and sea, forming icon of sunset or sunrise to show that this company is engaged in serving cruise tour that gives the best experience tour from sunrise to sunset.</p><p>20</p><p>15</p><p>C A L I C OJ A C K .</p></li><li><p>E N V E L O P E</p></li><li><p>F I L E F O L D E R</p></li><li><p>B A H A N A L I N EG R A P H I C</p><p>S T A N D A R DM A N U A L</p><p>The company provides sea transportation for heavy goods ( </p><p>logs, material, heavy equipment) and fuel. They need graphic standard </p><p>manual for their existing logo. We made Improvement in the logo and </p><p>make supergraphic form. The layout is simple for readable.</p><p>2 0 1 4</p></li><li><p>C O M PA N YP RO F I L E</p></li><li><p>F A C U T Y O FM E D I C I N EU N A I R</p><p>20</p><p>13</p></li><li><p>Airlangga University requires company profile to promote their faculty of medichine to several countries around the world. Something important for them because Airlangga Univerisity is the best in exchange student program in Indonesia.</p><p>Company profile is designed with a simple and clean layout represent the Medical Sciences by combining several elements colored like blue and green as the color of healthy. Slightly abstract but neat, helped comfort the reader to absorb an information.</p><p>C O M P A N YP R O F I L E</p></li><li><p>Tjakrindo Mas is a furniture company which often exports their products to several European countries. They need elegant and representative profile book to sell their products. The design is simple to highlight their products, with classical typography showing the age of the company that has long experience in furniture industry.</p><p>T J A K R I N D OM A SC O M P A N Y P R O F I L E</p><p>2 0 1 4</p></li><li><p>P T A G U N GB U M I A G R OC O M P A N Y P R O F I L E</p><p>Agung Bumi Agro require a clean company profile design and not boring when read. Supergraphic in layout is integrated with </p><p>a corporate identity. There is some use of white space and a little more</p><p>infographics production process.</p><p>2 0 1 4</p></li><li><p>PAC K AG I N GD E S I G N</p></li><li><p>2 0 1 4</p><p>L A D A N GL I M AP A C K A G I N G</p><p>Ladang Lima is a gluten free flour product that has some kind of derived products such as Veggie Noodle, Seasoning Flour and Premix Flour for young mothers who are concerned with healthy lifestyle. We design an integrated packaging that gives a touch of natural beauty and to tell everyone that this product is natural, and made from finest material grown by local farmers in Indonesia.</p></li><li><p>Still with integrated design concept. There are bread and cake close up in the front of a packaging to shows the different texture and characteristic of bread that use ladang lima product because the flour is gluten-free.</p><p>P R E M I XF L O U R</p><p>2 0 1 5</p></li><li><p>2 0 1 5</p><p>S E A S O N I N GF L O U RDesigned with beautiful and unique shape according to characters of the target market. it looks Elegant and unique, ready to catch the attention of young mothers.</p></li><li><p>The ingredients seemed to float in the front of a packaging to shows </p><p>that veggie noodle made from fresh and good quality ingredients. Giving a </p><p>natural look with a touch of beauty.</p><p>V E G G YN O O D L E</p><p>2 0 1 5</p></li><li><p>Royal Drink tea is a healthy beverage that has a unique blend of basic ingredients and uses Stevia leaf sweetener. Packaging was designed elegantly for middle up, the front side accentuates some of the basic ingredients combined into a single entity such as flowers to represent beauty and sweet, as this tea tastes sweet even without sugar.</p><p>R O Y A LT E AP A C K A G I N G</p></li><li><p>20</p><p>15</p></li><li><p>The sachet packaging of tea remains integrated with the packaging box, which shows the different varietiesof the tea. </p><p>S A C H E TP A C K A G I N G</p><p>20</p><p>15</p></li><li><p>This product wants to look more friendly to consumers by providing </p><p>a sense of pleasure and tell the benefits contained in the back of the </p><p>packaging sachet. </p><p>2 0 1 5</p><p>S A C H E TP A C K A G I N G</p></li><li><p>20</p><p>15</p><p>Azaria beauty and skin care product is for middle up market. Packaging concept uses art of typographic that gives a touch of glamour and high class. Metallic Bronze color was chosen to show the classy side and to represent the ginseng extracts in this product.</p><p>A Z A R I AP A C K A G I N G</p></li><li><p>2 0 1 5</p><p>Having 4 active ingredients in their products such as collagen, glutathione, kojid acids and licorice that can help brighten skin. This packaging design portrays some flowers blooming to show the transformation of beauty given by Mevrouw. With a touch of classic and vintage colors such as black and white and pastel blue and gold colored frame to add a classy side of this product.</p><p>M E V R O U WP A C K A G I N G</p></li><li><p>W E B S I T E</p></li><li><p>L A D A N GL I M AW E B S I T E</p><p>The website consists of a lot of product information. To keep the visitors do not get bored. It was designed more interactive and informative. Where the young mothers who care about health can search for product information with fun and to follow each event &amp; tips about healthy food from Ladang Lima.</p><p>2 0 1 4</p></li><li><p>P RO M O T I O NTOO L S</p></li><li><p>T H E R O Y A LC O F F E EP R O M O T I O N</p><p>T O O L S</p></li><li><p>It is located in small town of mojokerto. Having a fun concept for the youth who likes coffee. Unfortunately, this cafe does not have an efective promotion to promote this cafe. Coffee has many kind of differrent sensation in every single glass. Instead of the coffee lover who has different character which can be seen what kind of coffe they like. </p><p>Inspired by spirit of youth, the concept and promotion strategy use storytelling to capture the emotional power of young people with imagination. Fun, youth, and energic. The serial poster concept designed interactive to increase curiosity of young people against the coffee they sold.</p><p>20</p><p>13</p></li><li><p>B R O C H U R E</p></li><li><p>R O L LB A N N E R</p></li><li><p>F L Y E R</p><p>Y A M A T OS A R D I N E</p><p>Brand Yamato sardine needs an attractive promotional tool design while doing an exhibition in several events. The design was created to show more corporate identity which red color as a dominant color. Simple, focusing on a products and cooked food to introduce the brand of Yamato. The addition of red color on a promotion tool helped raise appetite and encourage audience to purchase.</p></li><li><p>R O L LB A N N E R</p></li><li><p>S E L FP RO J EC T</p></li><li><p>D I G I T A LI M A G I N G 20</p><p>14</p></li><li><p>2 0 1 5</p></li><li><p>D I G I T A LP A I N T I N G</p><p>2 0 1 3</p></li><li><p>2 0 1 3</p></li><li><p>T H A N KY O U !</p></li></ul>