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  1. 1. Method Method Money Future of Money Digital Consumer behaviour and transformation of banking services Nuno Oliveira, Method.
  2. 2. Hello, Im Nuno @NunoAndrew
  3. 3. Method Solving business challenges through design thinking.
  4. 4. Our people London San Francisco New York
  5. 5. Method Proposal for EyeNetra August 2014 #MethodMoney Designing social experiments with money
  6. 6. Method Pictet Proposal May 2015 3 Themes, 3 Experiments Privacy Personality Physiology
  7. 7. Outcome 1 If finances were public, what would they say about you? 9Method
  8. 8. Instagramming in progress 13Method
  9. 9. Insight A picture is worth a thousand #words.
  10. 10. Insight In an increasingly transparent world, social taboo still reigns supreme.
  11. 11. Outcome 2 If money was smart, would it have personality? 20Method
  12. 12. 24Method
  13. 13. Awesome, the account balance is at an all-time high. Lets invest in crypto-currencies!
  14. 14. I noticed you got macadamia. Did you know theyre the most calorie dense nuts?
  15. 15. Insight Users became dependent on services that looked after their best interests.
  16. 16. Insight Financial services have an opportunity to position themselves differently, by catering to the individuals relationship with money.
  17. 17. Outcome 1 If behaviour is hormonal, should financial services monitor the body? 29Method
  18. 18. Bank of Physiology Home Services Specialists Login Hormone powered financial wellbeing With our patented hormone analysis technology, we enable you to understand your spending patterns and improve your financial wellbeing. Bank of Physiology Home Services Specialists Login
  19. 19. Brushing teeth 33Method
  20. 20. iPad in use 34Method
  21. 21. Wellbeing Financial Mentor Bank General Practitioner Financial Behavioral Therapist Financial Data Homeopathist
  22. 22. Chip and pin analysing 37Method
  23. 23. Insight Data has brought the opportunity to create dynamic services, responding in realtime to a persons situation.
  24. 24. Insight Banking does not need to be seen as a utility, but a platform in which adjacent markets can build from.
  25. 25. 40
  26. 26. Thanks! Nuno Oliveira Project Manager @NunoAndrew @method_inc