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Mens Accessories

Mens Accessories

10 Tips to make sure you Look Good

This is one of the cardinal rules mens style. Anytime you are dressing to impress, make sure you your belt and shoes always match

Belt & Shoes Should Match

This is another one of those immutable rules. The socks and pants should always match. Always.

Socks & Pants should always Match

Unless you have 4 multi-platinum albums, you shouldnt wear more than one accessory piece at a time, besides a nice watch. This includes chains, rings, and earrings .

Take It Easy on the accessories

This means that your tie should reach your belt buckle, your belt should be the perfect length to fit into one of the three middle holes, and your pants shouldnt look like Capris or sweatpants

Everything Should Fit Properly

If you are tight on money, or dont like spending your whole pay check on one outfit. Pay attention to the accessories. A nice watch and tie can make you look like a million bucks.

Little Things Matter

Rings are a great way to show your style. If you want to look like a grown-up and not a 16 year old that just got paid, stay away from the rings that look like brass knuckles. If you happened to be married I heavily suggest wearing a wedding ring.


If youre not surrounded by strobe lights, and techno music, you should leave neon colored anything at home, in your closet.

Leave the Bright colors for the clubs

Money Clips and wallets are a great way to show off your individuality. These are great because they are only visible when you are showing off all of your money.

Money Clips & Wallets

-Laced shoes are a no-no for professional meetings

-Keep all your shoes polished, and dont squish them.


Unless you are running a tech start-up in Silicon Valley, leave the headphones, and bluetooth headpiece at home.

Hi-Tech Accessories

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