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Our language assistant tells you about her and her hometown.


  • 1. Liverpool issituated in the NorthWest of England.

2. Liverpool is a very famouscity It has a rich and vibrant culture It is a very popular tourist destination because of itslively atmosphere 3. Liverpool is not only famous for itsculture and history, but it is alsovery famous because of the people that come from Liverpool. People from Liverpool are known tohave a very strong and differentaccent which makes us unique. People from Liverpool are often known as Scousers to the rest of 4. The Beatles Museum 5. The Albert Dock used to be a huge industrial port in the early 20th Centuryand Liverpool was a very important cityfor imports and exports and trade withinthe country. Nowadays, the Albert Dock has beenconverted into a very posh andexpensive residential area and there are many nice bars and restaurants. 6. LIVERPOOL VS EVERTON 7. I like to hang out with my friendsVisit my local bars and restaurantsVisit the cinema during the weekendSpend time with my family 8. I am currently studying atDurham University.Durham is a small city in thenorth east of England and veryclose to another big city inEngland called Newcastle.Durham is approximately 3hours from Liverpool.In England, it is very commonfor young people to go touniversity in a city/town whichis far away from theirhometown.