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Smart medical delivery service for medical records, equipment, Blood, Laboratory specimens,Surgical instruments, Oxygen tanks, ECG monitor etc


<ul><li><p>THE SMART COURIER CHOICE DELIVERY SERVICE SOLUTIONS </p><p>817-540-0000 651-486-9999 </p><p>Welcome to Smart Delivery Service </p><p>Smart Delivery Service is a one stop solution for all your courier, delivery, logistics and warehousing needs, with </p><p>customized delivery options. Our diverse fleet of bikes, cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, minivans, full size cargo vans </p><p>and dock trucks with lift gates and pallet jacks easily handles wide variety of courier delivery demands. </p><p>Smart Delivery Services representatives, couriers and dispatchers are professional and skilled with the </p><p>knowledge and skill to meet out your critical shipping deadlines. No matter the urgency, weight and size of your </p><p>order, we will take your shipments to your customer on time. </p><p>Where do you find Smart Delivery Service? </p><p>We have offices in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas with couriers offering different </p><p>types of delivery services, with nationwide capabilities. We are proud to announce that we have been in </p><p>business for more than 25 years. We are also a TSA certified courier service to serve the Dallas/Ft Worth (DFW) </p><p>and Minneapolis/ St Paul (MSP) Airport. </p><p>How does Smart Delivery Service Work? </p><p>Typically, our couriers go to the designated location to pick up the shipment within 30 minutes or so of your call, </p><p>if you request same-day service. Simply provide us with the pick up address, details about the shipment and the </p><p>destination address, and we will send a courier driver with the appropriate vehicle type to complete the </p><p>shipment for you. Once delivered, we can automatically send you an email with Proof of Delivery information. </p><p>We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. </p><p>When are we available? </p><p>Our work is not just from dawn to dusk rather our service representatives are alert 24/7 to assist your delivery </p><p>needs from one small envelope to a shipment that fills up to 10,000lbs in a box truck.. </p><p>How do we charge? </p><p>We make sure that our prices are competitive, fair and economical. We charge in a concise, straight forward and </p><p>clear way, without any undisclosed charges. Contact us for more information on customized delivery services. </p></li><li><p>THE SMART COURIER CHOICE DELIVERY SERVICE SOLUTIONS </p><p>817-540-0000 651-486-9999 </p><p>MEDICAL DELIVERY: </p><p>We recognize the significance that medical deliveries have on the health care industry. Smart Delivery Service is </p><p>known for our meticulous handling of medical community, including laboratories, hospitals, institutional </p><p>pharmacies and many more. By using us we make sure the system of comprehensive chain of custody tracking </p><p>and quality control management are in place. We understand that every move influences patients lives and the </p><p>reputation of our clients. Thats why we provide our clients with state of art tracking technology, complete </p><p>awareness of delivery status, and automated emails alerting you when a shipment has been picked up and </p><p>delivered. </p><p>Unlike other delivery services, our drivers and staff have been trained on the proper policies and procedures of </p><p>transporting medical specimens and medication. Every driver is trained to comply with the HAZMAT (Hazardous </p><p>Material Transportation), OSHA &amp; HIPPA practices. </p><p>The blend of medical delivery experience and 25 years of experience in the logistics and delivery services </p><p>industry makes us the industry leader in transporting: </p><p> Medical records </p><p> Blood </p><p> X rays </p><p> Charts </p><p> Lab runs </p><p> Laboratory specimens </p><p> Surgical instrument </p><p> MR/radiology films </p><p> Patient documents </p><p>Health care institutions, like hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies, and medical warehouses </p><p>appreciate the conveniences of using a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company. Smart Delivery Service will </p><p>work to ensure that your costs are minimized while maximizing the efficiency of your deliveries. Besides </p><p>complying with the HAZMAT, OSHA &amp; HIPPA procedures, our medical delivery vehicles are equipped </p><p>with DOT partitioned coolers and spill kits for the secure movement of blood products, medical </p><p>specimens and life-saving organs. </p><p>Our medical couriers are not just restricted to picking up samples from hospitals and labs. We can also </p><p>pick up lab specimens directly from the patients and safely deliver the samples to the labs and hospitals. </p></li><li><p>THE SMART COURIER CHOICE DELIVERY SERVICE SOLUTIONS </p><p>817-540-0000 651-486-9999 </p><p>We also specialize in deliveries for the pharmaceutical industry. We can pick up or deliver to unique </p><p>hospice facilities, long-term care centers, we can transport radioactive drugs, testing supplies, and </p><p>general medical equipment. We are able to serve wholesale or retail pharmacies with home prescription </p><p>deliveries, too. </p><p>Since our drivers receive training in managing medical products under stringent rules, stern security, </p><p>constant surveillance and public safety, they can handle special requests, re-routing issues and life </p><p>threatening situations. </p><p>We can manage the delivery of Medical equipment such as: </p><p> Oxygen tanks </p><p> First aid kits </p><p> Iron lungs </p><p> Nebulizers </p><p> Catheters </p><p> Walkers </p><p> Wheel chairs </p><p> Hospital beds </p><p> ECG monitor </p><p> Blood glucose monitor </p><p> Blood testing strips </p><p>Our company utilizes a fleet of vehicles with GPS technology, allowing us to choose the nearest vehicle </p><p>to the delivery, as per your needs. You can minimize the liability of your deliveries by allowing us to help </p><p>manage your shipping functions. Moreover, our deliveries are tracked 24/7/365 with GPS technology to </p><p>ensure that you shipment stays protected and of course, we inform every move to our customers to </p><p>ensure peace of mind. We take tracking to the next level by allowing our customers to track their </p><p>deliveries, live, via our secure portal. This allows you to see the vehicles live GPS location on a Google </p><p>Map, so you know exactly where you packages are, at all times. </p><p>Depending on your time and budget, we have multiple service levels to suit you. We can also customize </p><p>our service levels to meet your delivery deadlines. Contact Us for more information on customized </p><p>services. </p></li><li><p>THE SMART COURIER CHOICE DELIVERY SERVICE SOLUTIONS </p><p>817-540-0000 651-486-9999 </p><p>ABOUT SMART DELIVERY: </p><p>Since our inception in 1989, Smart Delivery Service has grown not just in size, but also in our scope of </p><p>operations, as well. Innovative operational practices have been a part of our company that brings </p><p>continuous success and constant growth. We are pioneers in nationwide logistics and delivery services, </p><p>especially in medical delivery and legal couriers, with our customized high-tech transportation packages. </p><p>Our dedicated staff and well trained experienced drivers are our greatest assets. The perseverance, </p><p>motivation, willingness and loyalty of our team allows us to strive for excellence for each delivery we </p><p>complete. </p><p>Move your freight on time! </p><p>We offer logistics to move raw materials to production facilities, deliver finished goods, send legal </p><p>papers on time, or to use medical coolers to transport organs. Our enthusiastic staff works hard to </p><p>ensure customer satisfaction by: </p><p> Reducing your operating costs </p><p> Improving distribution productivity </p><p> Offering flexibility in your supply chain </p><p> Door to door delivery services </p><p> Warehousing services </p><p>CONTACT: </p><p>Dallas/Fort Worth Minneapolis/St Paul </p><p>751 Port America Place, Suite 420 1144 Larpenteur Ave W, Suite 200 </p><p>Grapevine, TX 76051-7626 St Paul, MN 55113-6317 </p><p>PHONE: 817-540-0000 PHONE: 651-486-9999 </p><p>FAX: 817-540-0003 FAX: 651-486-9991 </p><p>E-Mail: </p></li></ul>