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  • 1.Matt Gibbs, Development Manager UI Framework & Services Team (ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX/ATLAS, Silverlight)

2. Evolution of the Web A Better Web User Experience Whats in ASP.NET AJAX Partial Page Updates JavaScript Framework Managing Script Networking The ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit After this presentation, you will be able tocreate better web applications or improveon existing ones using ASP.NET AJAX. 3. The Next Generation of Web applications will be More richly differentiated More responsive to user input Naturally interactive Richly personalized for each user Immersive beyond a single site 4. Consumer Software HTML DHTML WinFX 5. Productivity SoftwareHotmailWindows Live Mail Office: Outlook 6. Browser Clients Web Server Microsoft AJAX LibraryPHP, ColdFusion, etc. Firefox UI effects and behaviors ASP.NET AJAX Extensions Opera Component and UI model Web Services IntegrationIE NetworkingWeb Services Bridge Safari Base class libraryMembership, Roles & Personalization Support Core runtimeASP.NET Server Controls 7. Browser Server Application Initial RenderingPages (UI + Behavior)PresentationHTML/CSSInput DataUI Behavior App Logic/DataUpdated UI + BehaviorManaged Code Managed CodeA Microsoft AJAX Library ASP.NET AJAX ExtensionsComponent Page and UI ClientFramework,ApplicationApplicationServices Framework, Server Services ControlsControls 8. BrowserServer ApplicationInitial Rendering PresentationPagesWeb ServiceHTML/CSSProxies (UI + Behavior)Input Data UI Behavior App Logic/DataJavascriptData Managed Code Microsoft AJAX Library ASP.NET AJAX ExtensionsComponent Page and UI ClientFramework, ApplicationApplication Services Framework, Server Services ControlsControls 9. Server-centric web sites and applications Work with existing server application model Keep core UI / application logic on server Improve responsiveness, interactivity, personalization Client-centric browser applications Fully exploit DHTML in the presentation tier Use AJAX for data, services, composition Enable new immersive experiencesASP.NET AJAX provides a great framework forboth! 10. AJAX patterns for ASP.NET applications Works with existing ASP.NET page model Little or no JavaScript or async programming required WYSIWYG and source support in Visual Studio Integrated end-to-end support in Visual Studio Security: authentication and authorization User profiles and personalization data Web service access Localization 11. Mark sections of the page for incremental updating Little or no change to existing server code ASP.NET AJAX handles the infrastructure Automatic fallback for non-AJAX browsers Includes a toolbox of patterns Triggers, Update progress, timers, error handling