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Manufacturing Module Latest Developments. Carlo Del Frate Frank Scales Amy Sonnentag. Who are we … Carlo Del Frate, Custom Programming Manager Frank Scales, Director of Consulting Services Amy Sonnentag, Satellite Representative – Midwest Region Meet the Panel … - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Manufacturing ModuleLatest DevelopmentsCarlo Del Frate Frank ScalesAmy Sonnentag

Who are we Carlo Del Frate, Custom Programming ManagerFrank Scales, Director of Consulting ServicesAmy Sonnentag, Satellite Representative Midwest Region

Meet the Panel Ryan Realivasquez, Quantum Implementation SpecialistKellie Patzer, Media Development ManagerJohn Asmus, Customer Care Technical RepresentativeCody Quirk, Ambassador Representative - CA & AZ

In This Session Learn about Scheduling Enhancements in the Manufacturing ModuleReview the new integrated WIP Log within ManufacturingLook at Tool Bar configuration for ManufacturingPreview the upcoming OSP browsePreview enhanced Revision tracking and controlPreview additional fields on Part MasterProducts & ServicesManufacturingWipline aircraft floatsAircraft ServicesFloat installationAvionics installation & repairCustom interior design & installationCustom exterior paintAircraft SalesCurrently Implementing Quantum in: South St. Paul, MNLeesburg, FL

Quantum Modules:Aircraft ServicesShop ControlManufacturingAccounting

Scheduling EnhancementsAutomated scheduling at the Task levelTakes into account:Setup (Fixed) timeStandard Time (Time * Qty)Movetime (amount of time it takes to move one job from one work center to another)Work Center Resources (Employees or Machines)Schedules Forward (from Start Date) or Backward (from Due Date) at the task level.Manufacturing WIP LogView totals of Inbound, Outbound and remaining WIP for MO costs.View detailed WIP costs & detailed GL transactions for each transaction in the MO

Toolbar ConfigurationToolbar is now configurable like other Quantum modules.One-click shortcuts from primary Quantum screenAdd / Remove buttons from MO and Production Mgt screensCustom toolbar commands from Global, BOM misc. menus.Upcoming OSP BrowseNew browse allows for viewing future tasks that are flagged as OSP.

Upcoming OSP Browse, cont.Ability to search by MO number or Main Assembly Part Number.

Browse will display:

Upcoming OSP Browse, cont.Options from the Browse:Inspect MOExport gridLaunch OSP

Updates in Revision ControlAbility to change revision in the Stock line screen

Updates in Revision Control cont.Ability to change the revision within the MODoes not apply template

Revision lookup from MO template on PO detail screen, defaults to active revision.

Updates in Revision Control cont.

Revision display to Receive Finished Parts function in Production Management

Updates in Revision Control cont.Updates to Revision Control cont.Revision changes are now tracked in the Stock Line Audit Trail.MO Number and Revision are tracked on OSP temporary stock lines.

Where to Find More InformationAs a QUE Group Member be sure to subscribe to forums or visit www.quegroup.orgAs a Quantum User be sure to visit Component Control at www.componentcontrol.comQuantum Help Files > Chapter 28 Manufacturing Key Points to Take Home Drive toward more detailed manufacturing process planning with new scheduling enhancements.Use the WIP log for detailed accounting visibility of the manufacturing process.Take advantage of customized toolbars in order to minimize clicks and improve workflow.View and release OSP orders outside of the individual MO with the Upcoming OSP browse.Improve traceability with additional revision views and options.

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