Managing sustainable business in Challenging Markets

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A Brief Presentation on Managing Sustainable Business growth in highly competitive and challenging markets.


  • 1. Managing Sustainable Business Growth in Highly Competitive & Challenging Markets Masoud Ali Khan, FCMA Managing Director Accounting & Business Support Services September 23, 2013 Investments & Business Promotion Series
  • 2. Key Management Challenges Lack of Vision / Clear Direction. Fear of Risk / Fear of Unknown. Lack of Teamwork. Lack of Communication. Excessive & Frequent Changes. Higher Turnover of Employees. Tolerating Poor Performance. Yes Man Approach / lack of Positive Criticism.
  • 3. Key Challenges Top-line Growth Declining Revenues / Lack of Growth due to: Lack of Product Innovation / Service Variety. Fierce Competition. Quality issues. Customer Complaints / Dissatisfaction. Recommended Strategy / Action: New / Improved Products / Service Lines. Market Research / Customer Surveys to attain Differentiation / Competitive Edge. Quality Awareness & Training. Concept of Customer Service Levels.
  • 4. Increasing Costs & Overheads Main areas of concern: Increase in Raw Material Costs. Increase in Overheads. Indirect Costs due to inefficient Processes. Lack of Strategic Time Management (STM). Waste of Resources. Recommended Strategy / Action: Negotiate Longer term Contracts. Create Cost Consciousness / Rationalization. Process Re-engineering Initiatives. Training of Teams on STM. Quality Programs / Employee Retention.
  • 5. Brand Image & Market Reputation Creating a Powerful Brand Image is one of the Most important aspects of Winning Businesses. This is Why Customers happily Pay much More for a Known Brand although the Product performs similar functions. Market Reputation comes with the Highest standards of Quality, dedicated Customer Service, regular communication & by creating Trust. A reputed Brand or Company identity has much higher chances of Success in the longer term.
  • 6. Key Success Factors (KSFs) Dynamic Leadership. Long term Vision with emphasis on WHY? Excellent Management Team. Clear Strategic Business Plan. Relevant Market Research. Knowing your Customers. Dependable Business Partners. Succession Planning. Adequate Risk Management. Accurate / Timely Feedback Mechanism.
  • 7. How we can Assist? Training & development on: Developing Strategic Visions (SV). Effective Leadership through Character. Continuous Process Improvement (CPI). Strategic Time Management (STM). Effective Cost Controls / Rationalization. Working Capital Management (WCM). Supply Chain Management (SCM). Winning Negotiations (WN).
  • 8. How we can Assist? Business Advisory Services: Facilitating Strategic Business Plans. Business Performance Reviews. Feasibility Studies. Planning & Budgeting. CFO Support Services. Branding & Image Supremacy. Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Market Research. Corporate Governance Framework.
  • 9. How we can Assist? Taking over non-core activities off the Minds of the Owners / Senior Managers & Allowing them Quality time for Business Development: Bookkeeping & Accounting. Receivables & Collections Management. Payroll Management. Inventory Accounting & Control. Fixed Assets Accounting & Control. Internal Audit & Performance Audit. Information Technology Support.
  • 10. Our Ultimate Goal We work towards Creating Value for our Esteemed Clients assuring them of a better Return on Investment (ROI) at all times.
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