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In this session we will discover different metrics that can be used when we want to measure the code quality of a project. To calculate and interpret this metrics we will use SonarQube.


  • 1.Who am I?:,

2. Cost EstimationTask AssignmentsBudget Planning Quality Assurance (Testing)Performance OptimizationScheduleSoftware Debugging 3. 4. Cyclic dependenciesTest successDuplicationTime to marketCyclomatic ComplexityMeantime between failureCostCode Coverage 5. Who All teamHowWhenSimple toolAnytime 6. Code Analyzers Reporting Tools Defects HuntingPlugin 7. Architecture & Design CommentsDuplicationsSource Coding rulesUnit testsPotential bugsComplexity 8. Bugs and Potential Bugs 9. Coding Standards Breach 10. Duplications 11. Lack of Unit Tests 12. Bad Distribution of Complexity 13. Spaghetti Design 14. Not Enough or Too Many Comments 15. C#JavaScript VB.NET Visual BasicHTML 16. sonar.projectKey=com.mycompany:myCSharpApplication sonar.projectVersion=1.0-SNAPSHOT sonar.projectName=My CSHARP Applicationsonar.language=cssonar.dotnet.visualstudio.solution.file=Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.sln sonar.sourceEncoding=UTF-8 17. R/Plugin+Library 18. QuestionAnswers 19. {}name : Radu Vunvulea, blog :, email :, socialMedia : { twitter : @RaduVunvulea, fb : radu.vunvulea }