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Manage code quality using code metrics and SonarQube


  • 1. Quality Assurance (Testing) Cost Estimation Budget Planning Schedule Software Debugging Performance Optimization Task Assignments

2. 3. Code Coverage Duplication Cyclic dependencies Test success Cyclomatic Complexity Time to market Cost Meantime between failure 4. Who All team How Simple tool When Anytime 5. Code Analyzers Reporting Tools Defects Hunting Plugin 6. Source Architecture & Design Duplications Unit tests Complexity Potential bugs Coding rules Comments 7. Bugs and Potential Bugs 8. Coding Standards Breach 9. Duplications 10. Lack of Unit Tests 11. Bad Distribution of Complexity 12. Spaghetti Design 13. Not Enough or Too Many Comments 14. C# JavaScript VB.NET Visual Basic HTML 15. sonar.projectKey=com.mycompany:myCSharpApplication sonar.projectVersion=1.0-SNAPSHOT sonar.projectName=My CSHARP Application sonar.language=cs sonar.dotnet.visualstudio.solution.file=Microsoft.AspNet.Signal R.sln sonar.sourceEncoding=UTF-8 16. AR/Plugin+Library 17. Question Answers 18. { name : Radu Vunvulea, blog : email :, socialMedia : { twitter : @RaduVunvulea, fb : radu.vunvulea } }