makeup and what makeup artists do. what do makeup artists do? makeup artists do beauty makeup which...

Download Makeup And what makeup artists do. What do makeup artists do? Makeup artists do beauty makeup which is the makeup you see on television shows, weddings,

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MakeupAnd what makeup artists doWhat do makeup artists do?Makeup artists do beauty makeup which is the makeup you see on television shows, weddings, and everyday makeup. Makeup artists also do transforming and theatrical makeup which is what you see on Face Off, and obviously in theatrical events. ContouringContouring is a big part of professional makeup jobs. To make the model look more photogenic, makeup artists use contouring to, well, contour their face. You dont want to look like this: but probably more like this: BlushBlush is used to make you look like youre blushing, not like you have a sunburn. If you use too much blush, you might look like this jolly man: when you wanted to look like this: EyeshadowThere are so many different kinds and uses of eyeshadow. You can use it as a lipstick if you want a certain color or look, you can use it as blush, or what most people do, to accentuate your eyes. So dont do this : or this: Do thisDifferent kinds of brushes and their uses

Fan Brush-Multi-useBlending Brush- For blending :pRound tip Eyeshadow Brush- Applying EyeshadowAngled Eye Crease Brush- For blending Double- Ended Eyeshadow brush- EyeshadowDome Brush- For powder and Liquid concealer

Small Fluff Brush- for smudging eyeliner (top)Deluxe Eyeshadow Brush - same as blending brushSame as Angled BrushEyebrow Brush- For contouring eyebrowsSame as Small fluff brushEyelash Brush- for fluffing eyelashesSame as Dome but smaller- For under your eyes

For loose powders and blushes

Round tip brush- for Powder FoundationFoundation Brush- Applying Foundation Advice for all makeup styles

* Never apply eyeliner in a single line under the lash line, its extremely unflattering.

*For a softer look, use a matte dark brown or black eye shadow with an angled eyebrow brush along the lash line.

* Dont apply eyeliner on your water line, this makes your eyes look a lot smaller. (unless you want them to look small).

* To make your eyes look bigger, apply dark colors in the outer corner of your eyes and white on the inside corner of your eyes.

* Choose shades of dark brown, gray, deep plum, or black for the upper lid-

*For more help and advice go to youtube and look up various makeup tutorials.*

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