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  • Make Fun with Petrol Remote Control Cars

    While you are going to shop any RC car, you will find two different types such as Petrol, which is also known as Gas and Electric. Petrol car is filled up with liquid which is referred as Nitro Fuel. Mostly, people prefer radio control cars due to its high speed and power. RC petrol car and Electric car both are best for those people, who doesnt yet own any RC car before. Previously, the cost of this vehicle is high, but now, due to its popularity, the cost lessens down. The cost decreases due to advancements in technology and demand of car increases. Usually, petrol car comes with a servo that runs as control for breaking and throttle. Petrol remote control cars come in the scale of 1/5th and 1/4 scale size, which is powered by powerful 2 stroke engines. These engines give

    you incredible performance for their size and their speed reached up to 50 mph. For mixing the petrol, it is best to use mixing bottle. One can easily find such type of petrol to petrol station easily. Petrol rc cars are also available in the league or their own such as monster nitro rc trucks. Aside to petrol remote control truck, one can also find a range of other types of vehicles such as Remote Control Boats, RC Tanks, Remote Control Planes, Remote Control helicopters, etc. Shopping 1:5 scale petrol rc cars from stores is more expensive then from online. Additionally, it doesnt includes everything that you have to require for riding vehicle like special 1:5 scale steering servo, radio equipment, electronics battery pack, charger, etc. But there are some websites such as that offers high capacity rechargeable battery pack with UK charger and also tool kits while you are shopping Petrol remote control cars.

    Nitrotek is one of the well-known online retailers of radio controlled models, where shoppers can find rc planes, rc helicopters, rc tanks, rc boats, rc cars, etc. at rock bottom price. These remote control products are powered by nitro or electric motors and come with 90 day warranty. Nitrotek is best known for safest and most reliable source of RC cars and models. The main aim of this website is that it offers better model for pricing as exclusive agreements with manufacturers are done. All the advanced and high quality models are available at So, purchase any model that you want to shop and enjoy great ride.


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