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1. START Magento Extension: Follow Up Email Dont Let Your Customers Slip Away! 2. Next 1. Increase Conversion Rate 2. Improve Customer Relationships 3. Boost Your Sales 4. Evaluate Campaigns Performance Easily Highlighted Benefits Follow Up Email Pro 3. Next Highlighted Benefits 1 1. Increase conversion rate Send Follow Up Emails after Cart Abandonment Customers recapture carts with Just 1 Click 4. Next Highlighted Benefits 2 Greeting emails on customers birthday Review request Congratulate on completed orders Welcome emails new sign up 2. Improve Customer Relationships 5. Next Highlighted Benefits 3 Integrated coupons Cross-sell products Up-sell products 3. Boost Your Sales 6. Next 4. Evaluate Campaigns Performance Easily Highlighted Benefits 4 Integrated Google Analytics Visual Report 7. Next For Your Customers 1TIME SAVING Auto-login when coming back via direct link to view shopping cart or order details 8. Next Be sent special emails on their birthday (with optional coupon code) FEEL EXCITED For Your Customers 2 9. Next Receive series of welcome, nurturing emails as new subscribers BE TAKEN CARE For Your Customers 3 10. Next By Clicking on a link automatically generated in follow up email (NEW) For Your Customers 4 UNSUBSCRIBE EASILY 11. Next For Store Owners 1REDUCE ABANDONED CARTS Sending emails after cart abandonment (Guest and Registered) 12. Next By sending reminder of pending orders, cancelled orders, closed orders, etc For Store Owners 2INCREASE SALES 13. Next By greeting them on their birthday, generating coupon automatically in emails, sending welcome emails for their new signup, etc IMPROVE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS For Store Owners 3 14. Next Personalize each customers effectively by full variables PERSONALIZE EACH CUSTOMERS For Store Owners 3 15. Next By not sending the same emails within defined time For Store Owners 4AVOID BOTHERING CUSTOMERS 16. Next Analyze performance by visual reports (Line Chart & Pie Chart) and integrated Google Analytics For Store Owners 5 EVALUATE RESULTS EASILY 17. Next Visit Follow Up Email Pro extension Page Try Follow Up Email Pro extension Live Demo Discover how customers review us For More Follow Up Email Detail Information: