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This book is about how can one take macro photographs making some changes with things available at home


  • 7/25/2014 Article Center | Shoot Macro Photos with a Pringles Can 1/9

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    By Joseph Linaschke (http://w w w | Thursday, July 24, 2014

    Shoot Macro Photos with a Pringles




    Macro photography requires a big investment in lots of expensive gear, right? Well,

    maybe not. With a little creative thinking, you can save money by doing some amazing

    things at home.

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  • 7/25/2014 Article Center | Shoot Macro Photos with a Pringles Can 2/9

    A ring light is an expensive but incredibly useful accessory for shooting flash

    photography of close-up objects. If you arent ready to invest in one, but want to play

    around with one, try this:

    Using nothing more than a Pringles can and a few common household items, Ill show

    you how to create softly lit macro photos with a pop-up flash.

    Select a Pringles can

    Choose a can with a clear lid; itll give you more versatility than an opaque one. Empty

    it out, and clean any chip dust left behind.

    Cut a hole for the flash

    Cut a hole near the bottom of the can just big enough for the pop-up flash to slide

    into. In the photos below, I cut the entire bottom off and also cut a hole for the pop-up

    flash. This allows me to use this modifier on a full-size strobe or a pop-up one. If

    youre just using it for the pop-up flash, leave the bottom intact. If you do cut the

    bottom off, youll want to tape it back on when using a pop-up flash so you dont lose

    light out the back.

    Draw a cut line on the can the size of the pop-up flash. Remember you can always cut

    more away, but cant put it backso be conservative with your first cut. Trim as

    necessary until the flash fits snugly through the hole



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  • 7/25/2014 Article Center | Shoot Macro Photos with a Pringles Can 3/9



    In the next photo, you can see the can in place on the flash, with the bottom taped

    back on.

  • 7/25/2014 Article Center | Shoot Macro Photos with a Pringles Can 4/9


    Diffuse the light

    The next step is to diffuse the light coming out the other end of the tube. Start with a

    single piece of white tissue or napkin, and add more from there if needed. Just wrap a

    tissue over the top of the can and snap the lid on, then trim the excess tissue from

    around the lid.


  • 7/25/2014 Article Center | Shoot Macro Photos with a Pringles Can 5/9


    Telescope the can

    For added versatility, you can turn this into a telescoping can! Just cut the can in half,

    slit the back half lengthwise all the way down the middle, and slide the front half inside

    the back. Add tape over the gap to keep it flexible and trap light inside, then add a

    snug rubber band to hold it all together.


  • 7/25/2014 Article Center | Shoot Macro Photos with a Pringles Can 6/9



    The finished product

    Now the Pringles can telescopes in and out, allowing you to get the light source closer

    to your subject.

    Wait, isnt the light source still the flash itself? No! As far as your subject is concerned,

    the light source is the end of the can.

    And remember, the closer the source, the biggerand therefore softerthe light will

    appear. (For more on this concept, check out my Photography 101


    101/123498-2.html) course.)

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  • 7/25/2014 Article Center | Shoot Macro Photos with a Pringles Can 7/9