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  • 1. By Harrison Reed Delve

2. #1 ImageWith this image, I changed the brightness to low, and made the contrast high, I thenproceeded to change the colour balance so that it had a strange form to it. I did this byCompletely putting the cyan up, taking out all of the magent and putting in all theyellow to give it this form. 3. #2 ImageWith this image, I first changed the brightness and contrast and also theExposure to make the lights look darker, I cropped and cut the imageDown, before copying and pasting it onto a new document beforeCreating a replica and putting them together, this gave it a new lookWhich reminded me of a bat or some sort of winged creature. 4. #3 ImageWith this image, I made the exposurehigher, and then changed the offset andgammaCorrection, what this did was completely takeOut all saturation and then it made the imageSeem as if it were neon lights. 5. #4 Image 6. With this image, I firstly changed the contrast and brightness toMake the image sharper, I then proceeded to change the gamma,Exposure and offset to make the image neon like, I then cut one ofThe lightwaves and copied it before changing it so it was oppositeThe original, I then proceeded to completely change the threshold soThat it was completely white light. This gave the image itsAlmost graffiti like look.